Instagram AR Filter Priya Menon August 18, 2020

Instagram AR Filter

06 Aug 2020

Stories on Instagram lets you express yourself in the moment and connect with friends, and AR adds rich, interactive and dynamic layers to those experiences. Instagram AR Filters lets creators and artist make custom effects to share and enable more vibrant forms of digital expressions.

Capturing standard pictures, now is a boring idea to think of. Here comes the Spark AR Studio, that lets Instagram user to create their own various Instagram AR Filters and communicate and engage with their audience.

Electronic brands like Mivi, Boats, Baults, Samsung, Dolby, etc. Fashion brands like Flipkart, Nykaa, Myntra, etc. Beauty and Make-up brands like Lakme, The Body Shop, Beardo, Himalayas, etc. Entertainment Industries like Bollywood, Hollywood, Web Series, etc. They all are actively using Instagram AR Filters as a platform to endorse, promote, advertise and market their upcoming and newly launching products, shows and services.

The Intellify, creates and designs interactive and fun layers of AR Filters using Spark AR Studio. These Filter’s launch, helps to target massive audience to have fun interaction with friends and creative engaging posts on one’s account. Intellify has created more than 30 filters like Cano Water Filter, Independence Day Filter, Shoe 3D Model Filter, T-shirt 3D Model Filter, 2020 Destination Filter, etc.

Instagram AR Filters come with various categories like Selfies, Appearances, Camera style, Color and Light, Funny, Love, Weird and Scary, Moods, Games, Events, Surroundings, Fandom, Causes, etc.  Whenever the creator proceeds with publishing the effect, they are asked to choose any four of the categories mentioned above, their effect would be titled in Spark AR Studio.

Making most of AR Filters:


  • It is a fun way to take selfies and pictures with AR Filters and share it or post it on your Instagram profile with friends
  • It is a great way to showcase a new beauty line by telling users “test” how the make-up product looks on them
  • AR Filters are a good way to interact with audience and boost brand and product engagement


Bring your ideas into creative platform. Make your Social Media interactions with friends more interactive, engaging and fun.

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