How AR is Transforming Online Buying Tendency? Priya Menon March 15, 2019

How AR is Transforming Online Buying Tendency?

18 May 2019

Shopping could be overwhelming and arduous when you have several options to choose from! Have you ever tried a fashion or beauty brand on a virtual mannequin for checking out the color, feel and fit? This is what AR has in store for the customers! It is gaining a lot of traction and is rapidly disrupting the ecosystem of the global market and the way people shop online.

Possibilities with Augmented Reality

AR depicts an immense potential and future in every industry segment starting from online marketing to improving customer experience.

AR is capable enough to offer an immersive experience to customers, which is more convincing and real-time offering a new pedestal to the brands using which they can sell their products more proficiently.

Understanding Products

Connecting the products with the customers is the major area where AR can prove to be an asset for brands. The biggest drawback that keeps many customers away from online shopping is the inability to evaluate the product due to lack of availability of touch and feel option. Customers lack the ability to correctly imagine and evaluate the products as per their specific need.

This is where AR comes into action. Leveraging AR technology creatively, brands can now convince and impress their customers to buy products. Several brands like Amazon, Naykaa etc. have already started imagining the possible uses of AR.

The most updated example of a brand that is using AR technology is Lenskart, which allows the buyers to try on their glasses before actually buying them.

Same Way, we have also recently developed an App called Ring Try On App which allows the user to try out the Rings on their hand. The user just needs to simply click the picture of their hand and that’s it. The app will do the image processing and place the ring accurately on your finger.

Virtual Reality 360 Videos

Initially promoted by Google’s Street View, VR 360 videos are also becoming a popular digital marketing strategy drawing more views. Facilitating this technique, several leading brands especially in the real estate industry, are adopting AR to win the trust of their prospects.

Using this tool, any real estate developer can offer his prospects the real-time and precise idea about how their house would look like, the area, how the locality would look like etc., even when their houses are yet to get ready to live.

Apart from real estate almost every industry brands have equal opportunity to leverage the benefits of Augment Reality to lure and deliver a real-time look and feel of the product and services to their potential customers.

Hotels can display their 360 Videos of facilities on site. These videos are already streaming on YouTube and earning loads of views and catapulting the overall business of multiple brands by convincing their customers to take action through real-time videos which has already become an improved and much needed new tool of the arsenal of Digital Marketing.

In reality, the AR/VR concept is adding a new paradigm to the ecosystem of global business models by offering the prospects a personalized experience, involving them personally in product design and development. This is letting the customers to make accurate and more informed decisions.

Thus it is quite obvious that AR/VR has created a buzz in the online market with its usability and real-time display of graphics and 360 videos, which is not going to die down any time soon.

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