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The Intellify is one of the leading MR development companies offering innovative mixed reality solutions to organizations across all business verticals.

Holo Lens - Enhanced Environment Apps

Augmenting digital data in the front of your users in real-time, the Intellify enhanced environment apps are tailored to offer a personalized experience in real-time. For doctors or teachers, these holo lenses powered apps have the ability to revolutionize the industry. Where complicated or a simple app, we extend solutions to map your requirements effectively.

Blended Environment Apps

Transforming solutions to create a blended experience. 3-D technologies have been in the industry for long, only, for now, the applicability has risen beyond boundaries. Connect with the Intellify to revisit your business apps and embed mixed reality technologies. We help deploy out of the box business solutions by inducing MR technology to improve user experience.

Immersive Environment Apps

Changing environments, replacing objects and improvising the space around users to offer a fully immersive experience. Build mixed reality applications backed by mixed reality headsets to modify the manner in which an environment is perceived. Thrilling experiences powered by the imagination of our developers, Intellify’s mixed reality applications enthuse an immersive environment replacing the existing one. Develop one for your online store and enhance the end to end user experience.

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