Vuforia AR SDK – All You Need to Know About Darshak Doshi February 15, 2020

Vuforia AR SDK – All You Need to Know About

9 March, 2020

Technological advancement has created a lot of buzz recently. It is not just because there are many new enhancements but primarily due to the fact that each technology is strong enough to transform the existing face of the economy. Amidst all, there is one technology that stands out egregiously and that is augmented reality. Not a new concept but one that has taken the entire business ecosystem by storm, thanks to the extent of reality it embeds.

What is Vuforia?

Games like Pokemon Go or the retail IKEA apps have been in the industry. However, the technology was then novice and out of the reach for most of the organization, but no more. There exists several SDK or primarily, the Software Development Kits that allow organizations to manifest AR technology within their business apps.

One such SDK is Vuforia. The kit is embodied with the computer vision capability so that it can easily track images or 3D objects in real-time. What this means is that the app can senselessly place artificial objects right in front of the users in reality. Sort of overlapping the real-world object with a virtual one.

It would be wrong to state that organizations can access the software for free. Developers can try for the basic version but that would limit the capabilities of the app and hence, opting for the premium version, relatively affordable is best to unleash the true potential of the technology.

Why is it being used?

Users, today, look from personalized experiences and the onset of AR/VR technology have added a layer to it. Today apps that offer a higher level of interaction and engagement in real-time are the ones that sell the most. Now, building an app from scratch would cost huge and that is why the Vuforia AR SDK is used. Creating exceptional augmented reality apps economically.

Features & Functionalities provided by Vuforia

It is pretty clear that Vuforia adds digital content to significant objects. The main aim of such a platform is to digitize and augment technology in real-time. Talking about the features, there is an array of things supported by Vuforia.

Model Targets
This feature enables the identification of targets based on their shape. After this, the item can be placed on the objects to get an improved view.

Image Targets
Putting AR objects in flat surfaces by image targets.

Multi Targets
Either a flat surface or one with different sides, the Vuforia AR SDK allows users to place virtual objects and embed augmented reality.

Other features include adding background effects, placing virtual buttons and manage occlusion.

What are the Advantages of using Vuforia?

Device Compatible
Apart from the fact that Vuforia AR SDK allows the creation of engaging AR-VR apps, they are compatible with all kinds of OS. Meaning that they aren’t limited to iOS devices and extend to Android and desktop apps also.

3D Imagining
Superimposing 3D prints and physical objects is another advantage. This increases the engagement between the user and the outside world, enhancing their experience.


In case, you are planning to embed an AR app cod your business, reach out to The Intellify. Having a rich ecosystem, we have helped thousands of clients build apps such as Storybook, Beermat, etc. You can also consider the alternative to Vuforia and employ ArKit, the markerless AR SDK to deploy apps. Either be the platform, we aid all.

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