Our work defines us

Beermat AR App

Created Augmented reality experiences for the world’s biggest sports leagues. Augmented reality helps sports and games to increase viewers (fans) engagement and their loyalty by sharing live match scores and updates, help them to book special events and buy merchandise.

IIF – Augmented Reality (AR) for Events & Exhibition

The client goal was to Maximize engagement & conversions during the entire event (expo) and spread awareness about IBM cloud services. IIF App will allow you to find speaker information, Lightning talk schedules, and creative AR marketing for IBM cloud services.

AR App for Retail & Packaging

Retail AR app allows users to scan the product packaging in store and get the relevant information in AR. All you need to do is simply scan the product packaging and that’s it. The app will recognize the product package and help you with your buying decision processing.

Retail shopping is about to go big with Augmented Reality. Large players like Heinz, Burger King, Walmart, Subway, Pepsi, Cadbury and Kellogg’s have already made trial projects in AR with their product packaging. Its a rise of a new aura in Retail shopping experience.

Ring Try On

AR Ring TryON app allows users to TRY Rings anywhere and anytime. It’s never been easier to try and buy Jewelry Online.

All you need to do is simply clicks the picture of your hand and that’s it. The app will do the image processing and place the ring accurately on your finger.Now you have access to the large Jewelry catalog at your fingertip. E-commerce is about to go big with Augmented Reality.

Large players like Amazon, IKEA, Shopify, Zara, and L’Oreal have already made trial projects in AR. This is just the beginning of a new aura of AR-Commerce industry.

Live(Talking) Portraits

Live(Talking) Portraits allow users to scan the museum paintings and explore the video in Augmented reality.

3D Characters comes into the real-life and narrate the story of themselves. It helps the customer to visit the museum with an enhanced experience altogether.

Storybook AR App

Go Green is a Story Book AR app which allows users to scan their storybook and upon successful completion, it will augment the relevant 3D character which will narrate the complete story of the particular page from the Book.

Destiny Coins AR App

Destiny Coin AR App allows users to scan oz silver coins and get a full-featured knight to populate on the coin who plays several different animations.