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Client Background

AR TV Store is an electronic appliance store and specializes in selling Television and corresponding accessories. The company has been in the retail industry for nearly 27 years now. Their journey started with the traditional, hefty television boxes and today, they are equipped in all of the top-featured LED TVs, Smart TVs, UltraHD 4k TV, and others. They have more than 7 branches across 5 cities and are eyeing upon another big expansion soon.


Retailing in the electronic sector, the client has been successful in gathering a huge customer base. Some were the regulars that hailed from the hospitality sector whereas others were common customers like us, making one time purchases for their house. With the onset of smart TVs, the current day customers had a list of specifications.

Where some expected small-sized sets, others preferred investing in ultra definition 4k Television for an enhanced viewing experience. Either be the case, the store had a decent sale every month. Recently, the store owner conducted a survey for the online customers asking them about ways to improve the selling experience.

47% of the buyers felt that they made wrong choices in terms of the size as it appeared to be too big or small on the wall dedicated to placing the television. This was definitely a major drawback.

The store owner seeking to improve the above in a way offering customers the ease to try before you buy. But how?

The store owner has been through some Augmented reality apps and had a faint idea of what the technology meant and how could the same benefit his business. So, keeping this in mind, they connected with The Intellify.

How We Helped

Step 1

Assessment of requirement, Design, planning of deployment, and so on.

The store owner reached out to us looking for an answer for their how. Our consultation team connected with the owner and spent nearly four hours adhering to all he had to say. Post the conversation, it was pretty clear that the store owner wanted to embed a personalized buying experience within the online app.

We proposed him with the idea of embedding augmented reality in an online app. The app would be built around the concept of rendering a virtual experience so that users can try before they buy. The app would have a camera that would be used for plane tracking. The main aim behind wall detection is to promote the virtual display of the television.  Users can try and test where to place the TV and of what size, before making a purchase.

The owner wasn’t just convinced but also happy and agreed to our proposal. We then conducted an all-round assessment of the store to draft the details and the information that would be part of the augmented reality app.

Further, the design of the app was prepared and strategies were laid down to move forward with the development process.

Step 2

Designing of 3D Model

The core element within the app where the 3D models that would induce the look and feel of virtual experience. The final app would initiate users to compare different options before finalizing on the right one. The intellify has a team of skilled engineers that take over the task of building and designing 3D models. All of these are designed keeping in mind the need for the app and the business requirements.

Extensive care is taken when deploying the above-created models within the app to deliver an enhanced and improved buying experience.

Step 3

Designing AR experiences

The last and final step in the production and the deployment phase was curating augmented reality experience. The app was to be designed in a way that users can plan the app camera over a plane wall and upon detection, a TV could be virtually placed over the wall to allow them to decide whether or not, the space is ideal for the TV.

To attain the above, The Intellify created AR stickers. These stickers would help virtually place the TV and even compare different places to finally pick the ideal one. The overall AR experience would resonate around creation of exceptional stickers that would embed the AR interface.

End Result and Benefit of the App

Greater Engagement and Enhanced Buying Experience

With an AR TV Store, customers can now browse through the entire product list of the store while they actually place every TV on the wall, save and then compare it with different choices. This gives them the ease to test and try before they buy, thereby making better and sound decisions about their online purchase. With this, users can also keep an eye on the prices of the TVs while they compare it with others and share their augmented reality experience with others.


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