Revamping Business Operations & Driving Conversions with IIF 2018 (IBM Innovation Forum 2018)


IIF 2018 (IBM Innovation Forum 2018)

Client's Industry

Event & Exhibition


Android and iOS

Client Background

IBM, one of the leading IT companies offers a range of products and services. It is a US-based company with its headquarters in New York, United States. The company has been actively transforming its portfolio migrating all of its services to the cloud. IBM is actively scouring the industry for transformations, mergers, and acquisitions to upscale their offerings. They are, in fact, leaving no stone unturned to emerge as the leader of the IT sector, worldwide.


Recently, the company was on the lookout of a solution that could maximize their engagement with customers, and also accelerate the pace of conversions. One way to do so was to direct the customers that visit their meetings and events to their landing pages. They were in search of a one-stop-shop solution that would land them directly to the main website of the client. This would help them promote their products and services, convert visitors to customers and earn profits.

The main aim here was to orchestrate IBM’s tools and services in a way that could attract the attention of the customers, convincing them to indulge in hosting and development services. From our previous experience, the benefits of AR in event & exhibition management were known to us. Hence, we decided to use Augmented Reality extensively in this project.

How We Helped

Step 1

Assessment of requirement, Design, planning of deployment, and so on.

The first and most important phase in the production process of IIF App was assessing the need of the client. Our experts spent a considerable amount of time studying the needs of the client. Post the intense discussions, we finally proposed the creation of an AR app that would allow attendees to collaborate with IBM services directly.

After getting approval from our client, we moved ahead with the creation of the design of the app and further, strategized on how the solution will be deployed in the existing infrastructure of the enterprise. Each and every step was done keeping in mind the expectations of the user, to craft the design around flawless customer experience.

Step 2

Designing of 3D Models

The next step involved the creation of different 3D models that would support the notion of the app and embed a significant level of virtuality. Equipped with industrial experts, we were very cautious in the models created and ensured that each justified their cause, so as to embed a real-time interaction between the user and the speakers.

We’d created 3 separate animations that were the use cases for Smart City, Smart Education and Smart Businesses respectively. And for each of these, we created 3 unique markers that augment 3D animations for the chosen use cases. Using Marker Based AR in this, The Intellify could achieve the desired results efficiently.

It was time to come up with the final implementation. The Intellify works in Events & Exhibition AR app development domain frequently. From our previous experiences & current learnings, we decided to utilize Markerbased AR, Vuforia, and 3D Modeling & Animations for the same.

Step 3

Designing AR experiences

Finally, the toughest yet the most important part of the project, creating and designing AR experiences. This was more like the soul and heart of the project. The prime concept behind the app was to direct the customers from the app page, directly to the landing page of the IBM Cloud services. A scanner was added that would trace the logo and embed a new screen.

A single mistake would have led to the failure of the project. So, we had a separate team of engineers working on the design and functionality of the nodules that would embed Augmented Reality experiences within the app.

After the creation of the same, each unit was tested separately and then combined one after the other to ensure every piece worked perfectly. Finally, all of the components were integrated to test it against the ultimate goal.

End Result and Benefit of the App

Improved Engagement

Experts believed that the adoption of AR app in events and meetings led to the creation of a unique and exciting experience. The app induced a perfect balance between innovation and value. Visitors were overwhelmed with the idea of such an app and flared the message fiercely. Engagement with the customers improved dramatically and the figures rose as high as 300%. As it appears, we were successful in advertising the products and services offered by IBM through the app. All in all – Augmented Reality is a perfect technology to deploy for now, especially when benefits of AR at Exhibitions are well-known.

Information Hub

One of the key features of the Augmented Reality app was the ability to centralize all of the data related to the events under the single roof. The app was no less than an informational repository and enabled customers to gain value from the same. Interaction projects or active campaigns seem to benefit the most from the app as attendees no longer needed to visit the venue to get hold of the details. Instead, the app would store all relevant information making it easier for them to connect with the client.

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