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RainbowMe Kids AR App

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Client Background

RainbowMe is an entertainment platform for kids aging 2-12 with cartoons, videos, and more featuring main characters to whom all children can relate. The original programming introduces animated live action, reality, and situational comedy featuring characters in a positive, fun, and entertaining manner designed to enhance the educational and social development of children. We feature content that depicts positive images for children with colorful interactions.


RainbowMe wanted to have a solution that can engage, inform, and inspire kids aging 2-12, with entertaining content, while increasing their understanding of social, economic, cultural and ethnic nuances.

RainbowMe wants every child see their new favoritefairytale characters coming to life by using the RainbowMe Kids app, with books like “O is for Oshun” where you purchase the physical, traditional book, and with the magic of Augmented Reality each character comes to life and narrate their own stories.

How We Helped

Step 1

3D Model & Animation

We created 26 high definition 3D models and Animated them according to their stories. Each character were different from each other and had some different animation.

We designed and created each character by keeping in mind that they should reflect exactly the same characters which are there in the book.

Step 2

Podcast & Events

Along with the 3D model and Animation, we integrated Podcast and Events options within the app.

The Podcast allows children to hear the stories of their favorite new fairytale and folklore characters and The Play event, brings stories to life by creating interactive picture experiences recreating favorite scenes from your old and new favoriteRainbowMe approved movies and stories.

Step 3

Bring Characters to Life via Augmented Reality

Once the characters 3D model and Animation were finished, we integrated all this 3D model and Animation within the app and brought them into real life using the Augmented Reality.

All the children have to do is that they just need to start the app, click on meet Oshun and scan the pages of the book which will augment the relevant characters and narrate their story.

End Result and Benefit of the App

Increased Children’s Engagement

Offering an immersive and Entertaining app to the children’s which can engage, inform, and inspire kids ages 2-12, while increasing their understanding of social, economic, cultural and ethnic nuances with the help of Augmented Reality.

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