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SENSEcity AR App

Client's Industry

Travel & Tourism


iOS & Android


Unity & Vuforia

Client Background

SENSEcity provides illustrated travel guide booklet to tourists of Glasgow (Scotland) and uncovers hidden stories from the past in a modern-day narrative. They provide a curated city walk through which you can experience stories of the past in technology of the future. The first edition was launched in 2019 for the city of Glasgow.


A guided tour through a Glasgow city might show tourists everything, but there still exist secrets tucked in museums and memoirs.

SENSEcity wanted to bring those alive at the place they were once in. Augmented Reality enables us to do that. By bringing a traditional guidebook and a futuristic mobile app together, SENSEcity wanted to create this immersive AR experience for tourists.

How We Helped

Step 1

3D Model & Animation Optimization

This booklet included almost 24 AR Experiences with various content like: 3D Models, Animations and Videos.

Each AR Experience was designed uniquely to deliver an immersive experience to the tourist while travelling.

Client provided us all required 3D Model along with Animations. Considering its implementation in a Mobile App, it was essential to reduce the size and optimize the 3D Models and Animations for best application experience.

Step 2

UI/UX Design Integration

Client had a vision to have a very intuitive User Interface with an excellent User Experience in this App. Hence, they designed entire app considering their vision.

The Intellify as a team took up this chance to deliver the exact experience as per the client’s expectations.

After couple of weeks of back and forth and work, our team was able to integrate the designs and deliver it to the client.

Step 3

Bringing AR Experiences to the life.

Once the characters 3D model and Animation were optimized, we created all AR experiences within the app and brought them into real life using the Augmented Reality.

All the Tourists visiting Glasgow can simply scan the page of SENSEcityTravel Book and experience these amazing AR Interactions for different landmarks in city.

End Result and Benefit of the App

Increased SENSEcity Book Pickups

Bringing first Augmented Reality Travel Guide book helped SENSEcity to increase their book pick-ups from various channels like City Libraries, Book Stalls and Reading Cafes.

Book pickups increased significantly by 2 times within a small span of 3 months, having this Augmented Reality App as a centre of attraction.

Attracted Local merchants for published Ads

SENSEcity also managed to attract local merchants to publish Advertisements in the SENSEcity booklet. They could manage to onboard several Cafes, Restaurants and Bars because of the increased book pickups.


RainbowMe wanted to have a solution that can engage, inform, and inspire kids aging 2-12, with entertaining content, while increasing their understanding of social, economic, cultural and ethnic nuances.

IIF 2018

Augmented Reality App Development for IBM – IIF 2018 (IBM Innovation Forum 2018) | Enhancing business integration and regulating customer conversions with an AR app backed by real-time engagement.

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