Cano Water – AR Filter Darshak Doshi July 25, 2023

Cano Water - AR Filter

An Interactive AR Filter to measure the percentage of Hydration & Health Benefits of Cano Water

Client’s Objective

Cano Water is a Brand strategic AR Filter project, where the client wanted to present and share the benefits of consuming/drinking the Cano Water to the Users, with the Hydration/Consumption percentage.

Project Scope

Cano Water has some specific contents with rightful health benefits, and Instagram AR Filter was the best medium to make this Branding reach the mass audience. With the hydrated percentage, users will be able to know the amount of health benefits they consume with Cano Water. AR Filter experience makes this even better for user’s engagement with the product as well as with their friends and families by sharing the filters and experience through Instagram.

Our Roles

AR Filter Design
AR Filter Development
3D Modeling
Testing & Debugging


To bring the precision in the percentage level of hydration, was a little challenging task. Because our experts always stay committed to matching the expectations and user experience as clients require.

End Result

Client here artistically achieved the objective of sharing the importance of consuming water and staying hydrated through the AR Filter on most hyped and used social media platform amongst friends and networks.
Interactive Instagram AR Filter
Easy User Interface
Gamification User Experience
Healthy Branding & Promotional Campaign

Tools & Technologies



Frequently asked questions

Do you require AR Filter to promote and engage with users for your Brand Services/Products?
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No. Cano Water is an Instagram AR Filter, where you do not require to install any third party app from app stores.
Cano Water AR Filter has multiple features like water consumption awareness and hydration percentage with Cano Water.
Any solution takes a good sweet time to get developed. From ideation to designs and development, then testing and bug fixing to deployment.

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