Carbon & Finch – Web-based AR solution Darshak Doshi July 25, 2023

Carbon & Finch - WebAR

Web-based AR solution for easy and mass reach in Events and Exhibitions.

Client’s Objective

The client here wanted to make a creative promotional AR solution for their one of the event, where the maximum number of event attendees can connect and get engaged with the offerings. The WebAR solution was one of the easiest ways to reach the maximum number of attendees as they did not have to be dependent on any mobile applications to experience augmented reality.

Project Scope

Carbon & FInch was projected as a WebAR solution, which can be accessed by any users attending the event, having a smart phone with Google and Safari Web Browsers in it.

The scope was to develop a Mascot named Jefferey, an augmented asset who is the company's sales and marketing automation, presenting Carbon & Finch’s Point of Contacts virtually for relatable product knowledge and demonstration.

An easy and high in-reach WebAR solution for Events and Exhibitions to drive & pull the attendants to the desired direction.

Our Roles

WebAR Development
3D Modeling & Animations
UI/UX Designs
Testing & Debugging


The major tasks were to work on the timings to get the content overlayed on-time while the asset Jefferey turns his side to introduce the point of contacts for products information and queries at Carbon & Finch. The smooth transitional experience was also taken into consideration, so there is a clean user experience.

End Result

A WebAR project with no-app dependencies, serving as the best promotional AR solution for events. An easy and high in-reach WebAR solution for Events and Exhibitions to drive & pull the attendants to the desired direction
Interactive Web-based AR solution
Mass Reach for Events & Exhibitions
Engaging User Experience
Accurate Marker-based AR experience

Tools & Technologies


Unity 3D



Frequently asked questions

Do you require any WebAR solution for your Brand Services/Products?
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No. Carbon & Finch is a WebAR solution which can be experienced through smartphone web browsers. So no mobile applications are required to be installed.
Yes. Carbon & Finch is the event presenting WebAR solutions for the marketers and attendees. Making them understand the right POC for the best product presented.
WebAR solutions can be experienced on any smartphone with Chrome and Safari Web Browsers.

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