Kistag – AR and VR Solution Darshak Doshi July 18, 2023

KisTag - AR and VR Solution

Immersive solutions to Decor and Try-On Kitchen Interiors and Designs

Client’s Objective

KisTAG is one of the most renowned Interior Designing Companies in Switzerland, who came up with an idea of making choices and exploration easy for users and customers during Pandemics with the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Project Scope

KisTAG was developed to serve as an AR and VR solution for Interior Designing precisely for the Kitchen Furniture and Appliances. Wherein users with VR Headsets and AR Application can customize the colors of furniture to change the look and feel of the Interiors, along with the feature to move-in and explore the Kitchen in Real World.

Our Roles

VR App Development
AR App Development
3D Modeling & Animations
UI/UX Designs
Testing & Debugging


An Immersive Interior Design Planning tour without Physical Visits in the Real World, with AR Mobile Applications and VR headsets was the idea KISTAG came-up with during Pandemics, which itself sounded challenging. Challenge here was not because of incapabilities, it was about the finest and committed deployment with no bugs and seamless experience.

End Result

A Mobile AR Solution and a VR solution that helps customers to navigate in the Kitchen, exploring all the motions and checking-in the cabinets with the in-built controllers in the Mobile Application was definitely a hit in the Interior and Designing Industry.
Smooth Interactive Navigations
Virtual Interior Plannings
Immersive Controllers
Attractive Designs and Modeling

Tools & Technologies

Oculus SDK

Unity 3D





Frequently asked questions

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Yes. KisTAG is an Interior Designing AR and VR solution. Here you can experience the Kitchen specific designs and make necessary moderations with the help of both AR-enabled smartphone and VR headset.
Well, with the AR and VR solution you will be able to experience the Interiors in attractive designs and models before even finalizing the look of your Kitchen. Smooth interactive navigation and virtual interior plannings with high-tech controllers will leave you in a never-before like interior designing experience.
Any solution takes a good sweet time to get developed. From ideation to designs and development, then testing and bug fixing to deployment. From 4 weeks to 12 weeks is the minimum timeline taken.

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