Metafie Art Gallery – Metaverse Darshak Doshi August 8, 2023

Metaverse: Metafie Art Gallery

A metaverse platform for art lovers to experience Art Gallery with other recognizable interactive features.

Client’s Objective

Metafie ART Gallery was created for a Fortune 500 Client with an objective to showcase their NFT Paintings to the world Virtually. A metaverse platform for users to create their own avatars and enter the Virtual Art Gallery to explore the art pieces of their favorite artists.

Project Scope

The exploration of a whole new Art Gallery experience just sitting at the users comfort spaces and not moving-in physically in the real world. The Intellify has designed and developed this Meta World efficiently for users easy art exploration in the Virtual World. A metaverse platform to experience virtual art galleries, where visitors are allowed to login from their different logins landing up in the art gallery. Users are allowed to click on the pictures they like and get an option to buy the NFTs.

Our Roles

Metaverse Development
3D Modeling & Animations
UI/UX Designs
Testing & Debugging


The challenges while developing this Metafie ARt Gallery experience was to sync-in NFTs of all the Art Pieces by the Client and letting users to buy the NFTs of their favorite Art pieces. The seamless experience for users and the experience of an art gallery in the virtual world, to make it feel more real was indeed a challenging part. As The Intellify objectifies in delivering nothing less than best, these challenges made the experience more worthy.

End Result

Client was happy with the Metaverse experience The Intellify succeeded to deliver. A beautiful and smooth walkthrough experience for Users in a Virtual World of Art Gallery, allowing to buy the Art Pieces virtually. An experience like never before of the Art Gallery though the window of Metaverse development.
Seamless walkthrough of Art Gallery with VR Headset
Interactive and Engaging UI
NFT buying gateways
Never like before Art Gallery experience

Tools & Technologies

Unity 3D



Oculus SDK

Frequently asked questions

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Yes. You need to first login with your own device to the Metafie Art Gallery and experience the gallery in your own space with the compatible VR Headset.
Yes, you can buy the NFTs of your favorite Art Pieces just by clicking the right button displayed under the pieces you click to watch.
Normally the time taken is 4 weeks to 12 weeks. But with the challenges the development and designing team comes across to make the experience more smooth and immersive, the timeline can extend to a few days too. It completely depends on the project scope and its complexities.

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