RainbowME – AR Application for Storytelling Darshak Doshi July 25, 2023

RainbowME - Augmented Reality

AR Application for Storytelling - Kids Learning and Entertainment

Client’s Objective

Inspired by the need to drive real-time engagement between apps and the kids, RainbowMe wanted to have an app built. The solution would be such, that gives users the ease to engage with the platform. It would inform and inspire kids of age 2-12, with entertaining content. While doing this, they aim at increasing the overall understanding of social, economic, cultural and ethnic nuances.

Project Scope

Developing an AR application that allows kids of age 2-12 engage and learn readings in an immersively engaging and interactive way.

Our Roles

AR App Development
3D Modeling & Animations
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Testing & Debugging


The major challenge was to deliver attractive 3D Models and the Animated Narratives, allowing kids to experience a seamless, easy, yet engaging and interactive reading virtual contents. To bring that ease in the UX design was the major challenge and then to implement the development for a smooth experience was a task too.

End Result

An Augmented Reality application that helps the kids to read and learn new stories in a complete engaging and interactive way. A solution that helps even teachers and parents to keep their kids engaged and curious to enhance more in reading exercises.
Attractive 3D Models & Animations
Interactive and Engaging Story Characters
Easy Narrative Simulations
Augmented Reality Storytelling

Tools & Technologies

Unity 3D




Frequently asked questions

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Yes. You will have to install an application named RainbowME Kids from the App Store or Google Play store to enjoy and experience the engaging and interactive storybook readings.
With the Application installed in your phone, your kid can get a very engaging and fun-filled reading experience. Where their favorite story characters will come alive with the AR scan and interactively narrate the story. This experience will motivate kids more often to open the books and understand the stories immersively.
Any solution takes a good sweet time to get developed. From ideation to designs and development, then testing and bug fixing to deployment. From 4 weeks to 12 weeks is the minimum timeline taken for an AR solution to get rolling..

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