An Augmented Reality Portal for Travel and Tourism Priya Menon February 1, 2021

An Augmented Reality Portal for Travel and Tourism

Augmented Reality Portals (AR Portal) let one get teleported to a completely different new world. Just by staying in your comfort space, your home or your office you can travel the world. Your favorite destinations, do hiking, trekking, clubbing, sports, clubbing and many more such activities.

The objective behind creating a AR Portal for travel and tourism will only be to serve the users/travelers an experience of traveling and exploring the destinations of their choices without learning for that place physically. Post Covid-19 this will be a most preferred mode of traveling for those who are afraid to get in contact with people in crowded places at various tourist spots.

How and What benefits will be experienced by AR Portals?

  • By creating a view mode of the destinations, travelers will be able to have an immersive view of their favorite destination with just one click.
  • With the Implementations of the travel portals entrance and exit doors, users can walk-in through a virtual door and find themselves in the generated new world of their favorite tourist spots.
  • Creating transition points in the developed virtual environment of the travel destinations, lets users/travelers experience a real feeling of moving around and the assets in the virtual environment interacting and engaging with them.
  • Developing the feature of reading and writing in the viewing mode, also helps the users/travelers to navigate easily by feeding in and viewing the directions displayed.

The AR Travel Portal functions as a custom solution for Travel and Tourism companies, which provides a virtual traveling experience through smartphone’s applications to help users/travelers to choose a destination without the need to visit the real place.

AR Travel Portal is the next best thing for those looking to advertise their tourist destination packages and can encourage bookings and sales. Being able to see and engage with favorite holiday destinations and learn about the historic places rather than just imagining them or seeing an image on the internet, is what The Intellify likes to believe in. Here is an example to share with you regarding The Intellify work on Travel Portal . Intellify thus brings in with all creativity a Augmented Reality Door that helps the users to experience a walkthrough of their favorite places.

For instance, tourism and travel companies could utilise the technology to introduce customers to their accommodation and demonstrate how to use facilities virtually and in real too. Exploring the opportunities of augmented reality in travel ought to be a high priority as the medium evolves.

Let’s meet up ideate and seek in various opportunities that can lead to an immersive travel experience through Augmented Reality.

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