Helping Businesses to Create Immersive Digital Experiences Embellishes the Intellify at GoodFirms

Staying at the forefront of AR / VR development, The Intellify helps startups and enterprises to leverage modern technologies and generate interactive digital solutions for the customers. Thus, the process of creating the prototype addressing the vision and the mission of the business facilitates The Intellify to stand uniquely amongst the top enlisted AR/VR development companies at GoodFirms.

Originated in 2018 and headquartered in India with offices in USA & Dubai, The Intellify is a cluster of passionate consultants and technical geeks offering technical consulting and web development services to the global clients. With more than 15 years of consulting experience, the company adheres to understand and solve the business problems of the clients by employing technology, that helps businesses to succeed in the long run. The team at Intellify assists the clients with “Solution Designing” and “Technology Selection” which are required for Digital Transformation of their respective businesses.

The Intellify has accomplished 85+ projects and has served more than 30 clients ensuring satisfaction guarantee given to them by a team of more than 12 intelligent members. The company delivers cost-effective yet long-term web-based business solutions. The robust, scalable and responsive solutions enable the clients to yield the optimum benefits for their respective businesses. The projects catered to the clients are coupled with innovation that gives remarkable results.

GoodFirms is a preeminent analysis and review platform, which helps B2B businesses to find the most productive organizations by offering a sorted list of the service providers giving their quality services in specific categories. GoodFirms evaluates these classified companies on the pre-decided parameters like Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

Similarly, GoodFirms thoroughly evaluated Intellify and discovered that the company justifies being entitled as one of the best Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Companies listed at GoodFirms. Below is the debrief evaluation of The Intellify.

At Intellify, the expert team of developers helps brands, digital companies, and businesses to establish and execute Augmented Reality Use-cases in verticals like manufacturing, education, travel and tourism, shopping, real estate and more. Practicing various Virtual reality devices, the specialized team at Intellify can create content that takes the habitues into invented virtual worlds.  In virtual reality, customers can see an object, play with them, play games and even shop the products. With the company’s expertise in this domain, no wonder, GoodFirms has ranked Intellify as one of the top Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Companies amongst the registered ones at GoodFirms.

The expert AR/VR developers at Intellify caters to the clients with an improvised understanding of the products relying on the 3D animations and videos using AR apps. The team offers an improved wayfinding technique using AR Wayfinding solutions. Intellify can modify the footprints of the habitués’ businesses by providing services required by modern technology. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services delivered by the professional developers of the company will enable a user to endure holographic images that can be set within the real world.  Providing different AR/VR solutions the company facilitates the businesses toward advancement through quantifiable efficiencies and reliable ‘on-time’ project delivery with its ground-breaking aptitudes. Intellify provides services to the clients of different verticals like – real estate, print media and publication, retail product packaging, and AR Commerce. The team offers sub-services in AR/VR like plane tracking/product try-on, marker-based, AR wayfinding, Objection detection based AR, and location-based AR.

These extraordinary skills in AR/VR development have listed Intellify as one of the top Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Companies in the United States at GoodFirms. The reviews displayed below are the proven record of the quality services rendered by the company at national and international level.

Intellify is known for not only AR/VR services, but it has also been recognized as the best web development service provider. Any web solution from a one-page marketing website to multi-functional enterprise solution, the web developers at Intellify possesses the best skills that turn ideas into reality. The team of web developers designs and accouche the best development chores to make the clients’ website function effectively and efficiently. Intellify creates websites with unique features, absolute responsiveness, website security, and user-friendly nature to ensure that the client gets delivered the top-notch web solutions. The team has expertise in HTML5, CSS, Progressive Web Apps, Javascript, JQuery, React JS, Angular JS, Shopify (Ecommerce), Angular JS, Vue JS, Ajax, and Electron.JS. Thus, oozing out the best skills and expertise by the versatile web developers, The Intellify has carved a niche to thrive at GoodFirms amongst the top web development companies in Salt Lake City.

About GoodFirms

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How Augmented Reality is changing Branding / Promotion strategies?

Top global conglomerates are beginning to harness the benefits of Augmented reality in promoting their products and building vast marketing strategies. The value of AR in marketing is undeniably significant and leading businesses are already using this tool to provide positive experiences to customers.

Imagine delivering a content strategy or an advert in real time, people get to experience the usability of a product in real time, right before their eyes with an interactive experience. AR is a wide marketing tool that every business needs to get on really quick.

What AR does is not just to market you or your product but it differentiates your brand by providing a whole new level of ease and speed that will leave a long-lasting impression on your brand. “AR has potential to provide customers with an experience they want and what they’ll tell their friends about.” (Tony Effik, CSO at Publicis Modern).

AR has been built to provide a reasonable branded interaction with its authentic communications and also to provide a gateway to a new reality of brand engagements. AR takes guerrilla marketing to a whole new level.

The future is now! The Uunique GET REAL app brings a magical experience by transforming print designs and patterns into real characters to enhance user experience in understanding a particular object or subject, whatever one has in mind can be right in front of your eyes. Uunique fills your world with interactive fun in real time.

The Uunique app helps businesses create a real time interaction between the customers and the product. How fun would it be if you could test, use and connect with a product before necessarily having to buy or use it. This goes a long way to build trust and authenticity with clients and customers.

Also, Maker based AR Car App allows users to scan the image of a car while the app creates an augmented image in 3D which one can look through no just to see what it looks like but to access multiple information and specifications regarding it. AR truly adds more juice to the world.

Technology has moved the world and now it’s your turn engage an augmented reality strategy that fits into your business to enhance business growth and add glamour to your customer’s experience.

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The Intellify Named a Top Software Developer by Clutch

The Intellify is excited to announce that we have been ranked by Clutch as a top Indian software developer. We are also proud to say that we have been doing well in one of Clutch’s more competitive categories, their ranking of the top virtual reality companies in India.

“India is a hub for development companies,” said Senior Business Analyst Alaina Stevenson. “These businesses were able to set themselves apart in an incredibly competitive market. They provide high-quality services and their vast reviews and portfolio items prove that they deserve to be leaders.”

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that ranks businesses on a number of criteria, including carefully conducted interviews with past clients. This means that our success is largely a result of the kind words of our clients, who we would like to thank for taking the time to talk to Clutch about us.

Clutch also has two sister sites, Visual Objects, which showcases agencies that do outstanding creative or design work, and The Manifest, which lets users view quick bios of B2B companies, ranked by service focus and location. Check us out in their list of app developers.

The Intellify is listed on The Manifest as one of the leading augmented reality companies in India. We were featured for our focus on AR and VR development, as well as a project we did promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

We are honored to receive this recognition. We are devoted to our clients, and we can’t wait to continue providing our clients with the highest quality service possible.

How AR is Magnifying Events/Exhibition

When it comes to B2B events industry, its growth is exponential given its dynamism and growing significance. This segment is getting better leveraging AR in particular. AR is adding real-time digital imaging, videos, and graphics to the real world landscape, via a tab, smartphone, or headset devices.

How Events Magnifying its Radiance with AR

The sole objective of leveraging Augmented Reality for exhibitions is to make your brand stand out from the other brands. There is a range of AR technology to choose from for events to address your objectives.

Kinds of AR for the Events Industry

There are four types of AR technologies event professional can use to lure their customers.

  1. Mirror AR – It can widely be used in salons and fashion clothing stores where a reflective platform is used upon which relevant and added imagery or data is showcased. This allows customers to check out different clothing and hair patterns without acutely breaking out the clippers.
  2. Transparent AR – In this type of AR, using a transparent OLED or LED display, a virtual and 3D environment is formed without wearing headsets or using the smartphones, and watching an interactive product demonstration.
  3. Device-driven AR – This is the most conventional way of AR where a smartphone or tablet device is used to interact with AR content like Pokémon GO.
  4. Wearable AR – Google Glass and other wearable AR, like HoloLens from Microsoft, are the most favored examples of wearable AR, which is the most immersive way to experience AR.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Apps for Events


What you see is what you get is the best way to explain why AR should be used in events. AR-based product demonstrations can go a long way in grabbing the imagination of attendees. It allows users to explore information and experience the enhanced level of product capabilities.

2. Stir a Buzz

Augmented Reality boosts engagement levels and stimulates a buzz on social media by encouraging users to interact with content and other details.

3. Attract More Traffic

Larger the crowd, successful the event! AR is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic as it is still something quiet amusing and a newer approach for many, and the magnificence of this magic is still in its nascent stage.


Nonetheless, Augmented Reality is in its early stage of evolution, its potential and impacts are going to be huge on every industry including events/exhibitions. Given the latest AR trends, it is very much likely that trade shows or exhibitions and not going to rely much on physical tools and video content to manifest their products, which could recoup their investment cost including setup and transportation expenses.

Still, the engagement and interaction levels are going to catapult, as events will intensify by gamification leveraging AR apps and tools and traffic will swell by the most updated and creative AR technology. In a way, Augmented Reality is the future of events and exhibition industry also as the stage is set and things have started rolling the favorable way.

How AR is Transforming Online Buying Tendency?

Shopping could be overwhelming and arduous when you have several options to choose from! Have you ever tried a fashion or beauty brand on a virtual mannequin for checking out the color, feel and fit? This is what AR has in store for the customers! It is gaining a lot of traction and is rapidly disrupting the ecosystem of the global market and the way people shop online.

Possibilities with Augmented Reality

AR depicts an immense potential and future in every industry segment starting from online marketing to improving customer experience.

AR is capable enough to offer an immersive experience to customers, which is more convincing and real-time offering a new pedestal to the brands using which they can sell their products more proficiently.

Understanding Products

Connecting the products with the customers is the major area where AR can prove to be an asset for brands. The biggest drawback that keeps many customers away from online shopping is the inability to evaluate the product due to lack of availability of touch and feel option. Customers lack the ability to correctly imagine and evaluate the products as per their specific need.

This is where AR comes into action. Leveraging AR technology creatively, brands can now convince and impress their customers to buy products. Several brands like Amazon, Naykaa etc. have already started imagining the possible uses of AR.

The most updated example of a brand that is using AR technology is Lenskart, which allows the buyers to try on their glasses before actually buying them.

Same Way, we have also recently developed an App called Ring Try On App which allows the user to try out the Rings on their hand. The user just needs to simply click the picture of their hand and that’s it. The app will do the image processing and place the ring accurately on your finger.

Virtual Reality 360 Videos

Initially promoted by Google’s Street View, VR 360 videos are also becoming a popular digital marketing strategy drawing more views. Facilitating this technique, several leading brands especially in the real estate industry, are adopting AR to win the trust of their prospects.

Using this tool, any real estate developer can offer his prospects the real-time and precise idea about how their house would look like, the area, how the locality would look like etc., even when their houses are yet to get ready to live.

Apart from real estate almost every industry brands have equal opportunity to leverage the benefits of Augment Reality to lure and deliver a real-time look and feel of the product and services to their potential customers.

Hotels can display their 360 Videos of facilities on site. These videos are already streaming on YouTube and earning loads of views and catapulting the overall business of multiple brands by convincing their customers to take action through real-time videos which has already become an improved and much needed new tool of the arsenal of Digital Marketing.

In reality, the AR/VR concept is adding a new paradigm to the ecosystem of global business models by offering the prospects a personalized experience, involving them personally in product design and development. This is letting the customers to make accurate and more informed decisions.

Thus it is quite obvious that AR/VR has created a buzz in the online market with its usability and real-time display of graphics and 360 videos, which is not going to die down any time soon.

Why Trust Top Augmented Reality (AR) Developers

It’s time to add another dimension to your business by using Augmented Reality
Apps for promoting and reaching out a wider spectrum of your audience. Augmented Reality is one such technology that can propel your business to an altogether newer pedestal of the virtual world.

We, at The Intellify, are one of the pioneers and early adopters of this technology orchestrating world class Augmented Reality applications for a diverse set of industries. Our bouquet of AR tool can transform the ways your customers perceive your products.

Just a decade earlier, technology like Augmented Reality was a lot expensive and the market was almost non-existent. Today, AR is a fast growing technology for developers and consumers alike making it the future technology. We’re coupled with all the required technical dexterity and experience to deliver the cutting edge AR solutions. We have in our arsenal unique, innovative and future-ready products useful for your business growth.

How Augmented Reality Acts as Catalyst

Imbibing figments of AR, businesses can propel their marketing campaigns which is going to be immensely successful due to the AR factor involved.

Augmented Reality is here to disrupt the market with its app in the coming years and with our experience and skill set, you can grow exponentially in your respective industry.

Augmented Reality Solutions to Expect from Intellify

Being a leading technology firm in India, we have always proven to be an asset to our clients delivering cutting edge and tailored app given their specific business needs.

How Our AR Solution Boosts your Business

  1. Online Marketing: Whatsoever business segment you are into, Digital Marketing of your product using Augmented Reality tools will guarantee to capture wider market share. AR-driven convincing marketing campaigns can drive more customers at home, in store, or on the move. Facilitating services like augmented packaging, real-time on street marketing, geolocalized apps, and intuitive consumer products will change the marketing paradigms. We can create such apps enabling you to trigger your marketing campaigns.
  2. Educational Content: Educational contents can also be amplified through Augmented Reality tools transforming books or other contents into 3D images in real time. It will help get wider and better understanding of the content. This also stimulates and improves the reading experience of your users by making it more interactive.
  3. Geographical Mapping: Real-time display of geolocation can catapult the navigation of the map by transforming the way we navigate. Using Augmented Reality you can deliver segmented and recommended data to your users like hotels, car shops, grocery store, and other information. This can sharpen your marketing campaign by making it more focused, interactive, intuitive and well-channelized thus recouping your cost and triggering the outcome. This is how we could help you intensify your marketing campaigns integrating sophisticated features in your apps.

Augmented Reality is the future of the global marketplace and has the potential to electrify your business to 360 degrees adding value to the overall functioning of your business.

The Intellify is recognized as a Top Rated Augmented Reality Development Agency, with Virtual Reality and Web Development expertise.

Below shared are links, which shows the esteemed growth of The Intellify with all reviews and feedback received from clients and alliances for Augmented Reality (AR) app development,

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ARkit 2.0 and its impact on the Real World

What really defines an AR experience is the ability to create and track a correspondence between the real-world space and the user. AR creates an illusion that a virtual object or content is an integral part of the real world.

In all AR scenarios, ARKit 2.0 creates a multi interaction between two or more devices. This robust improvement is said to be the best of augmented tools for mobile devices everywhere. Its ability to track vertical surfaces and non-flat surfaces makes it the most powerful AR tool.

ArKit 2.0 majorly allows users to share experiences providing a more profound and interactive approach at the same time.

Furthermore, it recognises how a device is oriented to an object and can properly use this data to launch amazing AR experiences in real time. What really makes ARKit 2.0 dynamic is its multiple communication system, allowing people to enjoy scenarios and experience AR realities at the same time makes it a very big deal.

This has also given gaming a whole new look and has pushed human responsiveness beyond limits. The ARKit flooring app uses a measuring technique to give users an accurate dimension of an object while realistically creating the reflection of the environment from the surface of the virtual objects.

The Wall Texturing App  creates a simulation that generates environment textures such that the camera allows you to provide a realistic image-based texture for a wall thereby testing different designs and scenarios on the wall.

Also, the Real Estate AR Portal, allows one to create a real simulation of the exterior and interior plan and decor of possible real estates. It gives estate developers an augmented look of a house experiencing and designing its look even before construction starts. It allows for real planning and provides a real time picture of what the future of a project is.

Arkit 2.0 generally combines motion tracking, camera capture, advanced scene processing, display conveniences and a simultaneous engagement to simplify your AR experience.

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Impact of Augmented Reality on the Furniture Industry

Since inception, Augmented reality has given a different approach to everything and the furniture business is not left out. Its time for the furniture industry to shine as the possibilities AR brings to the table is beyond exceptional.

From stress to cost reduction AR has given a new face to the world’s furniture business. AR outlays virtual animated objects to the real environment creating a more personalised shopping experience for customers. It also allows customers make decisions based on what they see and what conforms to their taste and without necessarily exempting the persuasive approach to sales because it has been designed to combine buying with entertainment and interaction.

AR has been proven to be a very effective sales booster being at the forefront of modern technology its benefits to the furniture industry is astounding. The fact that retailers are able to showcase their products virtually and it allows customers test how an item will look in their homes or offices gives the retailer a competitive advantage over others still using the contemporary methods. Its trials are totally risk free.

Augmented reality applications have also provided a whole new insight into marketing furniture. The use of animations to test how an item fits in gives a gamified approach to the furniture business whilst still offering relevant product information and helpful 3D experiences to catch customer’s fancy.

The world is fully buying into this idea as the development of standard AR apps hits amazing strides every day. Apps like the IKEA allows to build a live living room, bedroom and Kitchen design and renovation ideas to further increase sales and engagement.

The IKEA gives the customer a feel and quality of different products, it helps a buyer and interior decorators see how an item fits into a room and generally help build a classic prototype of the possible future of a space.

Also, the Sam AR app , allows users to select and evaluate items using a dimensional tool to check size and configure a furniture set that fits directly into a space. The Sam View app offers extensive product data on kitchenware, electronics and clothing using your phone to try out the furniture in your exact setting.

AR offers a wide range of benefits in furniture online retail and this game-changer has built more confidence with customers about buying online.

Impact of Augmented Reality on various Industries

The future is here and the impact of Augmented reality (AR) is consistently breaking grounds in today’s tech world. The market is ready to strike hard towards AR and the technology is on a rapid rise, a major feat that can be attributed to the to the success of Pokémon GO and some other popular apps as well.

People are hungry for more and more Augmented Reality experiences. Our AR future is at hand, and we are now more than ready to harness the many astounding merits. The excitement about augmented reality in business doesn’t stop mounting from Apple’s AR integrated apps on iOS 11 to Google’s “Tango”, small and big organisations are massively diving into the many possibilities of this technology.

Exciting the customers is the ultimate goal for any business and everyone is constantly seeking better experiences for customers.

AR provides a more personalised shopping experience (enables customers to virtually try out products), entertain and engage customers and help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

The benefit of this technology is as compared to a wildfire, it touches very aspect of life’s industry.

In furniture, the approach of ‘try before you buy’ is important if you must get, keep and build trust with your customers. Also, the futuristic technology of AR is that a retailer that has an AR presence instantly gets attention and potentially increase sales.

AR allows customers to instantly stage new furniture items at home. Customers can see an augmented reality view of their room and drop in full sets of furniture for consideration. Companies like Wayfair, IKEA and Houzz also implemented augmented reality solutions for furniture “try-on,” but WSI has even bigger plans for the technology with the acquisition of Outward. Its enhanced design experience is a clear inspiration for customers.

AR is set to cause a sure overhaul of the world’s conventional learning model. The possibilities of AR to create a lot of ease around the educational system is off the charts. AR has the potential to effect positive change in location and timing of classes thereby introducing a more consistent approach to make learning more engaging.

With the demand for education growing at wild rate, educators know that the learning process is all about interaction and creativity, AR helps students build relative interest and enhance the possibilities of the students to easily acquire, process, and remember information by providing visual representations of the materials, and helping students test out their knowledge in practice.

More importantly, there is huge potential in AR technologies for marketing and advertising, even in the education field. A number of universities in the USA are already using AR tours to increase enrolment and help new students find their way around campus.

The face of entertainment is changing because of Augmented Reality. From small app developers to conglomerates like Google and Apple – the use of AR technology for entertainment purposes is on the rise.

Magic Leap announced a partnership with Lucasfilm for the purpose of experimenting with mixed reality technology. Soon after the announcement, the two companies launched a video, showing the world how AR could be used to change the well-known movie watching experience.

Print publications like magazines and newspapers could experience a revival resulting from the introduction of AR technology. Reading as a pastime is very popular among the affluent and older individuals. Through technology, it could become much more attractive for a younger generation.

There are already examples of publishers relying on AR to create a more innovative, fully immersive experience. Die Welt enables the use of a smartphone to display additional content. While the newspaper’s promo video is in German, it provides a clear demonstration of how old-school print publications could be overhauled completely.

Although movie theatres are typically ready and willing to try new technologies to keep their seats full. The silver screen and the theatre experience are already quite immersive, but theatre owners are always on the lookout for a new edge over home entertainment.

The future of film and TV is more immersive and entertaining than ever before. Interactive TV could utilise AR to provide information on top of what the viewer is already seeing.The future of entertainment will be heavily dependent on technologies like augmented and virtual reality.

AR could lead to a brand-new experience in an array of entertainment fields, enabling further exploration. Whether you are looking for the complete fantasy or a useful takeaway out of a fun experience, you will probably get it via a simple app that’s to be installed on your smartphone.

The benefits of AR to brand marketing is indeed powerful. The most important reason for marketing is to connect and augmented reality stages a bridge between the user and the brands. Brands Marketing through AR is gaining trend. By augmenting we can create an environment that brings life to imaginary objects, a virtual community with a lot of possibilities.

By augmenting our real world with virtual objects, we can build trust with potential clients and create a more balanced approach to promoting products and services. AR is transforming every aspect of life and brands are not an exception.

AR creates a more related approach for brands and while consumers today expect product information at their fingertips, AR can enhance how product information is delivered for companies. Augmented reality offers an enormous untapped potential for brands to revolutionise their packaging.

AR provides different ways connections and engagements with consumers in today’s digital world and the power of augmented reality is to deliver next generation of personalised customer experiences.