Augmented Reality for Better Indoor Orientation & Navigation Priya Menon February 1, 2023

Augmented Reality for Better Indoor Orientation & Navigation

New challenges await students as they begin their studies in the first semester. These include finding their way within a complex university building. How do they find their room where their lecture is being held? Is their barrier free access?


Due to the complexity of university departments, wayfinding can be extremely difficult. Especially if they are running with limited time. In this case, What’s the fastest way to get from this room to another, where can an individual find his/her way through?


Augmented Reality Navigation helps to find Indoor routing much easier. Efficient indoor navigation is becoming increasingly important. With modernized navigation AR software and applications, wayfinding can be provided directly to users in a user-friendly access. With AR, Indoor navigation turns out to be a more accurate, effective, and engagingly cheaper intuitive solution to navigate indoors.


The Intellify here offers an all-in-one AR Solution which includes all the navigation features needed to address ongoing challenges for wayfinding.

The Benefits of AR Navigations can be seen as-

  • Indoor Navigation AR Solutions offers a wide range of easy navigating tool for every Industry and Buildings you can think of.
  • AR Solutions to Navigate helps you to specify the routes to be taken or avoided, with a great interaction and engagements.
  • Augmented Reality solution for Indoor Navigation also helps visitors and guests based on their shopping lists, exhibition stalls or just allowing them to roam hassle-free within the premises.


WayFinding AR Solutions really helps visitors and guests to navigate with no worries and great interactively engaging experience. Let us know if you too are looking for an AR based Indoor Wayfinding Solution for your Organizational Premises.

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