Banuba Recognition: 8 Top AR Solution Companies that Lead in 2023 Priya Menon April 1, 2023

Banuba Recognition: 8 Top AR Solution Companies that Lead in 2023

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The Intellify
Founded: 2018
Expertise: AR Filters, WebAR, 3D Modeling
Employees: ~30
Clients: IBM, Bayer, Discovery Channel and more…

The Intellify is among the leading augmented reality development companies in India specializing in AR filters, 3D modeling, and Augmented Reality-powered animations.

The agency utilizes multiple Augmented Reality technologies to bring immersive augmented reality to industry-leading apps.

The Intellify uses the next technologies:

  • Face Tracking AR Solution
  • Virtual Product Try-On
  • Markerless Plane Tracking
  • Marker Based AR
  • AR WayFinding
  • Object Detection Based AR
  • Location-Based AR

Besides the mobile experience, the company also helps businesses empower their web-based applications.

For example, Intellify helped AR TV Store build an immersive web augmented reality experience.

It allows users to search for devices and try them in real-time, matching the preferred interior locations.

The Intellify | Top AR Solution Companies

Also, the company offers 3D modeling services which include:

  • 3D character design
  • Rigging & animation
  • 3D product modeling & architecture
  • Photogrammetry & simulation
  • Motion graphics & video animations

What Brands Trust The Intellify?

The AR solutions company has built AR-powered solutions for Discovery Channel, Columbus Metropolitan Library, SenseCity, and other companies in Entertainment, Beauty Industry, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

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