Clutch Names “The Intellify” as one of the ‘Game-Changing VR Companies & AR Companies in India’ Shravan Rajpurohit December 6, 2023

Clutch Names “The Intellify” as one of the ‘Game-Changing VR Companies & AR Companies in India’

There are a lot of companies new when it comes to making a recognition in the new development solutions such as augmented and virtual reality. AR/VR is still quite new in the market and the number of experts are still fewer in number compared to other development solutions. Thankfully, our team at The Intellify is here to help your development efforts. Our team is confident that we can deliver exceptional AR/VR solutions for you.

Top-rated AR/VR and enterprise mobility development company The Intellify has operations in the USA and other parts of the world in addition to its headquarters in India. Feature-rich and business-specific apps that are painstakingly planned, created, and produced utilizing the Top Trending Technologies Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. These solutions are recognized and cherished which are offered by our 2018-founded company with over 50 experts under one roof.

WebAR, 3D Modeling & Animation, AR Filters, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Meta solutions are among the in-house services and areas of competence offered by The Intellify. As a matter of fact, our team has been recently recognized for our invaluable efforts in the industry by Clutch! They named us as one of the game-changing VR Companies & AR Companies in India.

Just in case you are wondering, CLUTCH is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology services and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews. A rapidly expanding startup, Clutch has become the go-to resource in the agency space.

In order to celebrate this achievement, we would like to highlight some of the best reviews from our Clutch profile, here they are:

  1. “They included me in every step and they built our little characters even better than I could ever imagine! I would really recommend them to ANYONE. Being in South Africa with limited resources, using a company in India and you will be part of the team every step of the way is just INCREDIBLE! I’m sure we will do more business in the future” Izandi Serdyn, Co-Owner of HEALING | HEALING KIDS
  1. “During the duration of our project, their team was extremely communicative and worked to ensure we felt supported every step of the way. They were ahead of schedule, and patient with us while we awaited many client revisions.
  2. They offered high-quality services. They were friendly and talented team members at an affordable rate. You really feel confident that you are getting your money’s worth when working with their team as they really do go above and beyond.” Danielle Petty, COO of Digital Radar

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