Farming Industry experiences Transformation with Augmented Reality Priya Menon May 17, 2021

Farming Industry experiences Transformation with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality might turn out to be a new ray of hope for managing the challenges of growing agro-food products. As ‘Food’ is our basic necessity and choice, being a digital AR/VR development agency we are fetching opportunities to bring a change and address the challenges in food farming sector.

Areas can be covered in Farming Industry with the help of Augmented Reality

  • Field Check
  • Weather Updates
  • Simulated Training

Augmented Reality in Farming plays a metamorphic role in the fields, which checks pests and insects detection process. It also determines the soil properties and crops to be sowed in a particular piece of land. AR with hi-tech access might help Farmers in understanding pest and crops conditions just by looking at the application with respective scanning and readings based on the augmented data.

AR will come up with a revolution in the Farming Industry. Considering the company’s roots in the field, AR will be allowed to provide farmers an accurate check of the soil which might later benefit with the sowing and cultivations and harvesting processes.
Augmented Reality training will help farmers in giving and receiving an interactive and safest form of training with all insights on Farming essentials. Farming equipment operations might also be possible using a smart device (phone or tablet). So then farmers can capture and share informations and facts on machinery, crops and livestock’s in the best manner.

This immersive technology Augmented Reality, will help traditional farmers to upgrade themselves with the latest advancement in the industry. Farmers are the pillars of our economy and hence need to be protected. Smart farming tools of Augmented Reality will improve the present situation of every single farmers facing certain challenges.

Given a chance, The Intellify will definitely deliver the best of AR solution for this Farming Industry. If you have any ideas where Intellify can contribute with creation and development, we will be honoured to be a part of project that feeds the nation.

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