Future of Marketing – METAVERSE Priya Menon February 1, 2023

Future of Marketing – METAVERSE

For those who don’t know much about the metaverse, it is a virtual space where people can interact with each other in their chosen and preferred avatars, and buy and even sell things. In this way, the metaverse brings new opportunities for marketers in all sectors. And the continuous rise in the usage of AR and VR also gives us high hopes for marketing in this space. For Digital Transformers like The Intellify, METAVERSE is a single platform, a virtual showroom presenting and exhibiting Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions for all Businesses and Sectors.


Redefining the Marketing and Promotional Strategies by 360° is what METAVERSE is all about. Lets witness some of the different ways on how METAVERSE is complementing Marketing and Promotional run.


Building Relatable Assets
In the metaverse, you can create digital avatars, step into the virtual world, and interact with others and various digital products of brands. And many brands now create avatars and experiences in line with their audience to provide them with immersive experiences. The Brands and Businesses main focus now is to target the Gen-Z audience and Serve their need of the moment.


Elevated Gaming Experience
Gaming in the metaverse is another marketing strategy adopted by Brands. Speaking of which, by making Gaming Experience a part of METAVERSE half job is already made. This drives the new generation to try and walk-in the products and services exhibited respectively. Which also creates awareness of Brands products in a fun and engaging way.


Virtual Marketing Events & Shows
Metaverse opens new ways of connectivity for humans through live events. Performances, tournaments, or even new product launches can be done virtually through metaverse, known as MILE or Massive Interactive Live Events.


METAVERSE indeed is the Future.
Metaverse marketing is in its early stage and yet brands are getting huge returns from this marketing landscape. We would recommend you to experiment with this new marketing strategy with Team Intellify and see if it aids in driving revenue and brand awareness for both of us..

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