How Augmented Reality is changing Branding / Promotion strategies? Priya Menon September 15, 2019

How Augmented Reality is changing Branding / Promotion strategies?

22 May 2019

Top global conglomerates are beginning to harness the benefits of Augmented reality in promoting their products and building vast marketing strategies. The value of AR in marketing is undeniably significant and leading businesses are already using this tool to provide positive experiences to customers.

Imagine delivering a content strategy or an advert in real time, people get to experience the usability of a product in real time, right before their eyes with an interactive experience. AR is a wide marketing tool that every business needs to get on really quick.

What AR does is not just to market you or your product but it differentiates your brand by providing a whole new level of ease and speed that will leave a long-lasting impression on your brand. “AR has potential to provide customers with an experience they want and what they’ll tell their friends about.” (Tony Effik, CSO at Publicis Modern).

AR has been built to provide a reasonable branded interaction with its authentic communications and also to provide a gateway to a new reality of brand engagements. AR takes guerrilla marketing to a whole new level.

The future is now! The Uunique GET REAL app brings a magical experience by transforming print designs and patterns into real characters to enhance user experience in understanding a particular object or subject, whatever one has in mind can be right in front of your eyes. Uunique fills your world with interactive fun in real time.

The Uunique app helps businesses create a real time interaction between the customers and the product. How fun would it be if you could test, use and connect with a product before necessarily having to buy or use it. This goes a long way to build trust and authenticity with clients and customers.

Also, Maker based AR Car App allows users to scan the image of a car while the app creates an augmented image in 3D which one can look through no just to see what it looks like but to access multiple information and specifications regarding it. AR truly adds more juice to the world.

Technology has moved the world and now it’s your turn engage an augmented reality strategy that fits into your business to enhance business growth and add glamour to your customer’s experience.

(Image source – Blippar)

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