How to Make a Vibrant Live Experience with Virtual Reality Priya Menon September 14, 2022

How to Make a Vibrant Live Experience with Virtual Reality

You must have used VR technology in amusement parks, malls and even online. Did that experience feel like you were teleported into a different world? Indeed, it would be a Mind Blowing experience. Virtual Reality is just like another universe with a feeling similar to our world but with more thrill and adventures. The Intellify helps growing businesses to create and enhance engagement with AR and VR Technology. So do you know how we can make our virtual experience more alive?


Creating an experience which fascinates

For engaging users, the virtual experience has stepped higher from just a 2D Interface. So the experience that immerses you is more like a storytelling experience.

In the virtual world, we are boundless. Anything which seems stuck in the real world can be executed in the virtual experience. Anything can be created in a virtual environment, even physically high budget projects or “only virtually conceivable” too. But on the other hand, it is essential to make something which enters the user’s nerves, which they can easily understand.


Portraying a Friendly Environment

It feels isolated when something isn’t so comforting or friendly in your environment, making the user feel close to the space. Creating Avatars can simplify that because it inspires and connects users to what’s happening in that virtual space.


Make it Enjoyable

It’s not enough to just create an Avatar for the user; we need to add another user to the mix so they can have even more pleasure and delight. 


A Brand Experience

In Virtual Reality, we can even teleport a brand from a physical location. So users who want to experience such brands can be attracted — for example, Disney World. Everything can be customizable, and we can connect it with the brand. This can also help to attract sponsors and supporters.


More Personal; More Effective

After analyzing the history, it says that avatars were very effective when created in virtual reality. The user feels more personal when it has an avatar to portray their role and avatars of other users where they connect, just like in the real world—for example; Social Media Apps have used Avatars for a better experience.


Play Around

Sometimes Avatars don’t connect with users as they are not so suitable for the target group.

Something like tiny wisps and small parties flowing in that space might attract the specific target audience. Wisps are subtle and help display mass audiences without more space, which improves the virtual experience’s quality and performance. 



To achieve a better vibrant experience, engagement is a must! The more engaging experience you create, the more audience you will attract. Interact with your audience, and let the audience feel the experience. 

Your audience will sell your product more than you once they feel connected and interactive.


Exceptional Experience 

Virtual experience enables many new opportunities, which have taken a big step after the pandemic. We aren’t here to replace the live experience but promote an alternative to the live experience when it’s next to impossible.

It surely makes it exceptional to entertain the audience with Parties, Live Cricket and other Sports or even a Zumba or Yoga Session.

The Intellify helps to create an Exceptional Virtual Experience and make it more vibrant and alive.Get an endless vibrant experience in Augmented and Virtual Reality . Intellify creates a memorable experience for your company.  Let’s create this impactful experience together.

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