Impact of Augmented Reality in Daily Lives Priya Menon March 1, 2023

Impact of Augmented Reality in Daily Lives

Augmented Reality is a technology that elevates the Real World by  adding a strong and immersive layer of digital information onto it. AR has acquired very specific popularity in recent years due to its potential to change the way it helps to interact with the world around us. From education to healthcare, gaming to entertainment, AR has opened its roots into various industries and has proven to have a significant impact on our daily lives.

Retail & Fashion:

The Retail Industry has benefited greatly from Augmented Reality. Businesses and Brands are using AR to elevate the Shopping Experience of their customers by allowing them to Try-On clothes and other fashion accessories, also adding a feature to see how Furniture and other Home/Office Accessories would look in their sites. AR mobile solution enables users to see how a particular product would look in their environment before proceeding with the purchase orders, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and reducing returns.

Interiors & Real Estate:

AR has changed the Real Estate Industry by allowing aspirant buyers to view properties digitally through Virtual Tours, 3D Models, and Immersively engaging and interactive Floor plans. This technology helps buyers visualize themselves in the property, experiencing the exact look and feel before the final purchase.

Media & Entertainment:

AR has transformed the Entertainment Industry by providing more Immersive Experience. AR games were recognized earlier with Pokemon Go, which became extremely popular due to its ability to blend the Virtual World with the Real World. AR has also been used in other branches of Entertainment like the Movie/Cinematography Industry to create Interactive Movie Animations and Trailers, providing a unique experience to movie lovers.

Education & Training:

AR has revolutionized the Education Industry by providing an Interactive and Engaging learning experience. Students and Trainees can use AR to visualize complex concepts and theories of their syllabus, making it easier for them to understand, learn and memorize. For example, AR can be used to create Interactive Simulations of Historical Events, Scientific Experiments, allowing them to experience and learn first-hand.

Healthcare & Medical:
AR has also found its way into the Healthcare Industry, where it’s used to train Medical Professionals and Assist in critical surgeries. Surgeons can use AR to visualize the patient’s anatomy during surgery, allowing for more accurate and precise procedures. Also AR can be used to create interactive Education Materials for Patients, making it easier for them to understand their medical conditions and treatment options. The impact of Augmented Reality on our daily lives has been Wide and Vivid. From Education to Entertainment, AR has provided us with Immersively innovative ways to interact with the world around us. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more exciting applications of AR in the future.

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