Seamless E-Shopping Experience with 360° Product View Priya Menon January 2, 2021

Seamless E-Shopping Experience with 360° Product View

The fact about shopping is consumers don’t shop at physical stores anymore, they are after the convenience of online shopping in their boundaries of comfort, relaxing in their own bed or pairs of furniture and avoiding commuting expenses to different shopping malls and brand outlets. Before Covid-19, online shopping was a luxury, but now post pandemic online shopping is a necessity.

With online shopping trends and essential market needs, now is the perfect time to switch to 360° product viewer.

Why is 360° advisable for the ecommerce portals to engage and increase the customer reach?


  • 360° view of any product on e-stores helps to shift users from traditional shopping to online commerce
  • This close and immersive view of the products, improves customer satisfaction
  • Brands and Retailers will experience higher conversion rates
  • Retailers and Sellers will be able to exhibit better product presentation
  • With right product display with right 360° view, brands can reduce their time to market and advertise
  • 360° views of the products, improves customer engagement


3D Modeling is one of the most professional providers of immersive online product visualizations. With 3D Modeling creators are able to ideate and develop the products 360° view, so that the shoppers can get an immersive experience of shopping and can see and visualize their products from every detailed angle.  At The Intellify, we believe in deriving the best from your estores products into an artistic reality. With softwares like Unity, Maya, etc. The Intellify creators creates and develops 3D Modeling digital images and videos, making it an essential process for character animation and special effects for the product view. Hence, 360° product view is the new Ecommerce shopping need and trend. The brands and retailers who walkthrough implementing this new trend to their estores will get more trusted and long term dedicated customer engagements.

Benefits of having 360° view of products in Ecommerce –


  • Retailers with highly complexed or detailed products,  will be able to engage their customers with 360° view of their product letting customers have a seamless immersive shopping experience
  • Retailers selling only online products exclusively, need no extra marketing and advertising tactics to perform. 360° product view in the Ecommerce will do it all for them and customers will be super connective


Frequent buyers and shoppers want their custom purchases to be as effortless as possible and 360° view of Ecommerce makes that happen.

We at The Intellify, are waiting to create these 360° product models for your estores and make you and your customers happy with growing and never ending association.

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