Top 3 Strategies for Introducing Augmented Reality Into the eCommerce Experience Priya Menon September 20, 2022

Top 3 Strategies for Introducing Augmented Reality Into the eCommerce Experience

Augmented Reality altered internet shopping. It’s unique among e-commerce sites. AR creates an environment that two-dimensional visuals can’t.

AR combines e-commerce and the real world, creating an Interactive Surrounding that makes users feel real. It’s an Innovative approach to enhance e-commerce sales.

Here are some strategies for implementing AR Technology into your e-commerce business.


What is Augmented Reality?

Are you an Instagram user? When uploading a story or video-calling, you must have used filters. Jurassic World Alive and Pokémon GO are the most used AR apps. This emerging technology has limitless potential.

Augmented technology enhances digitally available natural information. AR can create images, sounds, and texts in real time and display them on a screen. This illustrates real-time perception differently and AR existed before iPhones and social media, it wasn’t consumer-ready.


Strategies to Add Augmented Reality into e-commerce.

AR can change your view of online shopping; this can be more interesting when you’re running an e-commerce store.

But how do you create the best online shopping experience?


Here are three strategies which will help us to introduce AR into E-commerce.


  1. Possibilities of Placements:

Nowadays, we don’t get the perfect size product while buying from an online store because there is a limitation of checking it physically and knowing if it will be an ideal fit.

E.g., if a customer buys furniture, but after delivery, the customer realizes that the table couldn’t enter the main door as it has a large size.

Placement of products gives customers a view and can also reduce the time for deciding to buy a product.

A fantastic strategy was made by one of the TV Brands, which says, “Try before you use “ this depicts using AR; the user can see how the TV would look on their wall before even using it. This also saves time and money efforts required in returning the product.


  1.   Visual Changing Room:

We are always unsatisfied with the outfits we buy online for size, color, or whatever reason. It’s very hectic to get return deliveries of small products and re-send for an Ecommerce company.

But with the help of AR, now a customer can skip the guessing part of “how it would look” and check in natural “how it would actually look.”

This AR Application can quickly help them understand the color of their dress that would match their lipstick or hair color through mobile phone screens. It just creates an alternative mirror for the user. AR is much cheaper than those companies who ship the product on a trial basis, but that can cause some amount of money.

Today many brands use this AR Technology for customer satisfaction; for example, Lenskart gives a user-friendly experience of how the spectacles would suit us.


  1.   Social Media Filters:

This is widespread use of AR in the whole industry. As mentioned above, Instagram and Snap Filters are the most famous where you can create an engaging experience with the brand.

You can even create Videos and Video Calls with Multiple users using such AR Filters.

This fun has become the most important thing for brands to market their e-commerce products or services.

There are three main profits of these social media filters

  • Increasing Awareness: When users like a filter, they will click a picture with it and share it with their friends and followers. This is how the brands get more audiences for their products. 
  • Increasing Brand Engagement: When a user shares the AR Filter Picture with their friends, and if the friend likes it, they will create the same and share; there might also be a chance that the user gets so engaged to buy the actual product and put it on their story.
  • To be different: There are so many brands engaging on Social Media; you need to be different and use modern technologies to be out of the box. Using AR is an advantage which can benefit your brand and target huge audiences.


 How AR is the future of e-commerce:

E-Commerce is a rapidly growing industry with the Internet handling its back. There are many possibilities we can get using AR in our businesses. The Intellify helps you and your business to use AR Technology and improve your audience’s online shopping experience.

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