Virtual Reality driving Industrial Marketing Priya Menon February 1, 2023

Virtual Reality driving Industrial Marketing

There is no second thought for an instance regarding the growth of immersive technologies in recent periods. Based on few studies and statistical claims, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality markets are growing and are expected to surpass USD 1,247.2 billion by 2030.


As the above data claims, more number of brands and businesses are allowing AR and VR for marketing purposes. In this blog, Intellify wants to exhibit on how Virtual Reality can be at the forefront of industrial marketing. And to get a better clarity, let us take a few industrial tours here where Virtual Reality has brought significant changes in the world of Industrial Marketing.


How VR is driving successful Marketing Runs in these listed Industries?


Tourism and Travel
The tourism and travel industry has gained momentum again in the last couple of years since the pandemic. Now, travel companies in this industry are finding new methods to reach and attract people to the locations as they know the same has been difficult to do with the usual old ways since the pandemic. And what else can be best then VIRTUAL REALITY immersive touring experience! Travel Agencies are now providing an immersive 360-degree virtual experience of the location and amenities to excite and attract their customers. They could even provide VR-based demonstrations of the local places and activities and transport people anywhere.


Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturers these days use Immersive technology like VR to make their products uniquely reach customers. From heavy products to simple packaging materials, the companies in this sector have found a way in incorporating VR into their products, making their customers learn & experience about the product journey as well as elevates the brand recognition.


Gaming Industry
Companies use Virtual Reality technology to the extreme to enable their Customers to visualize their favorite Game Actions, Environments, Moves, and Characters in a real environment and even custom change the look and feel according to their choice, thereby building confidence in their game within purchases. A real Virtual Studio to understand Game and Play Games with all enthusiasm, is what VR in Gaming defines.


There are many more Industries getting benefited with Virtual Reality like Education Industry, Automobile, Events and Exhibitions and few more…


It is proven that VR has been at the forefront of Industrial Marketing since the last couple of years and will do wonders in near future. So, why not consume it correctly now? And id you are planning to, why not The Intellify? We are excited to connect and understand your objective behind VR adoption for your Industrial Marketing.

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