What’s new in ARkit 3.5? Darshak Doshi May 15, 2020

What’s new in ARkit 3.5?

15 May, 2020

As one the leading augmented reality development platforms, ARkit excels in rendering immersive, idealistic experiences since launch. Apple continues to roll new features to capture the attention of the developers, giving them the ease to modify and enhance ARkit 3.5 App Development.

A similar ideology followed when Apple announced the release of ARkit 3.5. Packed with a bundle of features, fascinating components, and additional sensors, the all-new upgraded platform would pacify the development process.

For the uninitiated, ARkit 3.5 comes with


  • A LiDAR Scanner
  • Depth sensing system


The core idea of having a LiDAR Scanner is to put geometry-based sensing into play. The sole purpose is to ensure an apt understanding of the scene and object occlusion. The inbuilt sensors enable sensing distance to and fro the object, calculating the same using the reflected light. The depth points are measured and then refined using algorithms to come up with specific scene understanding.

The feature would be embedded and released for the iPad 11 and 12.9-inch pro models. Developers planning to infuse the features will have the freedom to customize the existing applications, leveraging on top of the existing functionalities.

Problems ARKit 3.5 will solve?

Presently object or surrounding sensing is done with the help of device camera and AI technology. Even though they render results, it isn’t accurate and is at times flawed.

The new ARkit 3.5, on the other hand, has dedicated systems and features that modify the approach and make sensing better and faster. To top this, the scanner would enable plane detection and prompt placement of AR Objects without having the need to scan them. Also, object stabilization would, to an extent improve, given the integration of ARKit 3.5.

ARkit 3.5 Benefits

It is not just the object placement and stabilization, ARkit 3.5 benefits are a lot more and each can be embedded in iPad pro models.


  1. Motion Capture: Slicing images, movements, and postures have been the best way to depict motions. However, as ARkit 3.5 rolls in, there would be a change. For developers planning to keep people at the core of AR, the updated ARkit software would be an onus. It specifically traces the joints and human movements to embed motion in a single image.
  2. From back to front: Imagine having an AR image right at the back of your head. How can you deploy both the cameras to experience something as aesthetic as artificial intelligence? ARkit 3.5 comes with this excellent ease to deploy both the back and the front camera and have a realistic, immersive experience.
  3. 3D Image Detection: As more and more organizations switch to having an AR experience, the need to optimize the same becomes important. Image detection has always been a tough job, considering the expanse of information distribution present in a single frame. To make this better, Apple’s ARkit 3.5 enables detecting as many as 100 images at the same time, increasing the overall performance.


Truly, ARkit 3.5 app development is a revolutionary change and we, at The Intellify, are happy to resonate with such enhancements. Our development team has been continuously working on similar things and we have a lot in common with the ARkit 3.5. The sector has a lot to offer and so do we. Connect for discussion or services.

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