How AR Filters Help Brands to Advertise on Social Media? Priya Menon October 15, 2022

How AR Filters Help Brands to Advertise on Social Media?

“Relatable” is the only word for any fellow brands to cope with their audiences, and to be relatable; brands need to absorb the surroundings. Modern days Technology has turned the tables of brands and businesses resourcing them with new platforms for expansion and growth.

As time passed by, many trends for Marketing, Promotions, and Advertisement came and went away. But the ones who maintained their presence and use-cases in the market are Social Media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc; With time AR Filters became the face of these Social Media, helping brands to showcase their product in the market interactively.

In the initial days, the purpose of these AR Filters were only limited to fun and entertainment. But now it plays an essential role in brand identity, brand building and brand promotion. Many Brands have opted for AR Bandwagon, while some are still on their way to experiencing the Augmented Reality universe.


What is an AR Filter?

Before stepping into how the market uses AR Filters, let us first learn what an AR Filter is and how one can use it. Any marketing person or brand can use such new features in a 360° way if they are well-versed in details, as accessing AR Filters is very easy.


Why should brands invest time in creating AR Filters?

The primary purpose of creating AR Filters is to serve Customers with different product experiences with fun and engagements. As AR Filters have gradually made their place in the last couple of years successfully, marketers are already and can use this as a strategy for their brand growth.

Here are some listed “must” reasons behind adapting AR Filters as the Marketing/Promotion/Advertising tool:

  • AR Filter increases the recognition of that specific brand or product. Generally, it creates awareness with its fun and interactive user interface and experience. The user doesn’t have to wait for its online delivery; they can experience using that product with the help of AR Technology, i.e. virtually in their comfort way.
  • It helps to increase brand engagement as AR filters are easily transferable, and users update everything on stories on Instagram and Facebook, which indirectly promotes the brand and creates brand engagement.
  • People always want to try something new and different from their daily lifestyle, and AR Filters help them achieve it. This can give a brand growth and make you stand out from other brands.
  • It helps to understand the audience’s perception. The age group, emotions of the audiences towards the brand and what connects them with the brand can be understood with the help of AR filters.


How can AR Filters be an excellent tool for promotion?

There are endless possibilities for the creation of AR Filters. Few of the SDKs and Platforms are Unity, DeepAR, Lens Studio, and SparkAR. And trust us there are innumerable ways to engage with AR filters. Intellify has created many such promotional and marketing AR Filters for the brands. Also Intellify would be happy to share with you such works, once you come-up with the relevant requirement of creating AR Filters for your Products/Services promotion and marketing.


In conclusion, AR Filters are the best tool for giving your brand a great position on digital platforms. If you are curious about taking your brand to that level, you can create such engaging AR Filters with us.

The Intellify helps you and your business to use AR Technology to improve your brand’s growth.

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