Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat – Which AR Filter would engage you more? Priya Menon April 27, 2021

Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat – Which AR Filter would engage you more?

Augmented Reality Filters for Facebook and Instagram, and the same familiar as Snap Lenses for Snapchat are now being used excessively and creatively by brands and businesses around the world to drive brand awareness and better engage their audience with shareable and interactive and fun engaging activities and experiences.

Snapchat Lenses or Instagram and Facebook Filters basically share very similar marketing tools. However the engagement level at all different platforms are different in their own ways. That’s how there are different AR experiences created.

Now, the differences between Instagram Filters, Facebook Filters and Snap Lenses can be majorly measured with these parameters


  • What are the concepts behind the idea of Filter creation?
  • How they function?
  • Global/Local reach
  • Rate of Engagement
  • Unique Features

8 Comparisons & Differences listed between Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat AR Filters –


  1. Instagram Filters and Snap Lenses are dedicated mainly to click and share selfies and pictures with various avatars and face filters, while Facebook Filters majorly focus on Brand Promotion and recent entertainment or political updates.
  2. Instagram and Facebook Filters stories can stay longer in Archive or as a Saved Post, while Snap Lenses stories just hold-up for 24hours.
  3. Snap Lenses and Facebook Filters are more photograph driven, while Instagram Filters are more based out to Hashtag engagements.
  4. Instagram and Facebook Filters maybe an excellent choices in-case you’re looking-up to target users from several countries at ones, while Snap Lenses maybe more driven with nailing beautiful photographs with sharing to limited friends and followers.
  5. The engagement rate of Instagram Filter measured is 1.60%, Facebook is 0.09%, while Snap Lenses gets the highest driven engagement with 6 Billion View on single post on an average.
  6. Considering the popularity, Instagram and Facebook Filters can be measured with highest engagement with its live video streaming feature, while Snap Lenses lags behind with no such accesses.
  7. Instagram and Facebook Filters posts/stories can add value to the entire community, while Snap Lenses posts/stories is limited to friends and followers.
  8. Coming to look and feel, Snap Lenses are less professional compared to Instagram and Facebook Filters designs because 60-65% of Snapchat users are between 18-34years of age group.
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