The Intellify Partners with Top Design Firms for its Official Launch Shravan Rajpurohit August 11, 2021

The Intellify Partners with Top Design Firms for its Official Launch

At The Intellify, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are our core. We are an internationally celebrated company that offers feature-rich and business-specific apps geared to help you elevate your business. We are known for our unequivocally great creations, breathing life and innovation to your visions.

With utmost excitement, we announce that we’ve officially partnered with Top Design Firms, the newest B2B platform on the block, for their inaugural launch this year.

Top Design Firms is the latest platform brought to you by the team behind Clutch. The site compiles and organizes companies offering marketing, design, and development services. It aims to help buyers find the right company for their project.

According to Top Design Firms, The Intellify is one of the top 100 Virtual Reality companies in the globe. Our top-notch creations and our clients’ successes propelled our team to high ranks.

“We are glad to have been chosen as a top Virtual Reality and emerging technologies company in Top Design Firms!” — Shravan Rajpurohit, Director of The Intellify

If you’re curious about how our team ranked high on the platform, Top Design Firms took into account a number of variables including market position, past recognitions, social media presence, and client reviews. With 20 reviews as of to date, The Intellify is absolutely honored to be a five-star company on Clutch.

Take a look at what our clients say here:

“The outcome was more amazing than expected. They worked great with my team, met each deadline, and educated us on aspects of AR we were unaware of. Look forward to more projects in the near future.” — Founder, Son of a Gun! Entertainment

“The team with which I worked was very responsive, very easy to communicate with, very creative in the animation, and ultimately delivered exactly what I envisioned. They exceeded my expectations.” — Founder and CEO, RainbowMe, Incorporated

Your vision matters. Bring them to life with The Intellify! Reach out and let’s get in touch. As we love to say, this is the right time to bring a whole new change.

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