An Interactive AR Experience with Reality Composer Jalaj Shah December 11, 2020

An Interactive AR Experience with Reality Composer

Reality Composer is a tool by Apple (iOS), which offers an intuitive interface for creating interactive AR experiences. Reality Composers allows creators and users to drag and drop virtual objects, assemble them directly into an Augmented Reality (AR) scene and animate them without requiring prior experience working with 3D assets.

The Reality Composer has a built-in Augmented Reality library with ready-to-use assets, into which users can also import their own USDZ (Universal Scene Description – this helps both consumption on the consumer end and for creator’s distribution and development efforts) files. Virtual objects can be customized, whether they are resized, coloured or styled. Users can also add interactive animations and integrate dimensional audio to create a more immersive experience in Augmented Reality.

The Intellify, with the resourceful use of Reality Composer into the Augmented Reality era, offers a function to record sensor and camera data in the actual location. This allows users to ideate, rehearse and build-out the AR experiences with recorded data without the need of any physical movement of devices to a particular location. Reality Composer is a stand-alone iOS application.

Features Reality Composer supports, to make creators work easy and smooth just with few steps of process like Sketching, Scene Layouts, Adding Interactivity, Creating Animations and Exporting & Testing 


  • Built-in AR Library
  • Animation and Audio
  • Seamless Tools
  • Record and Play
  • Export to USDZ


At The Intellify, we strongly believe that Reality Composer is very easy to built-in to any Mac and iOS platform. With live linking, Intellify commits to create stunning and seamless experiences, then export them to the AR Quick Look or integrate them into your application.

Let’s connect and vibe for ideation and creation for your AR plans to sync in with Reality Composer elements and features.

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