WebAR: Everything You Need to Know Priya Menon September 29, 2022

WebAR: Everything You Need to Know

WebAr is on the top again, only because App-based AR started giving problems. If you know, until AR gave us the best experience via Apps such as SketchAR, IKEA and many more.

But using this technology on apps can be challenging, as it requires more technicalities. It can create many complications for a developer to create an app compatible with phones and operating systems.

That’s where WebAR Steps in! Though it doesn’t have its total energy like an app-based AR, we can experiment with many things on it.


What is WebAR ? 

WebAR is a medium to access Augmented Reality via a Web Browser instead of an app. This means all you need is a Smart Mobile Phone or any device with an Internet Connection, so you can access the wonders of AR without downloading any app.

But WebAR is a bit more limited than app-based AR, as we don’t have much freedom to interact.


How do we build it?

As this is a web application, we have many platforms that promote creating WebAR, which is not so different to web development. A-Frame enables the creation of 3D assets and areas that look like HTML, and the 8th Wall supports A-Frame and other applications.


Benefits of it:

We all already know one of the benefits is that we don’t have to download the application here on your device. In an app, the size, the data permission for downloading, and your device compatibility reduce the bar to using it entirely. But WebAR has the ability that we can access it on any device irrespective of its specifications and also saves user data; also, the AR experience is more accessible and user-friendly here.



WebAR is still a newbie in the AR industry, though WebAR is much better in performance compared to app-based AR. But when a WebAR is used, the visuals are a bit low in quality as it takes a short amount of storage; this can be one of the challenges WebAR has right now.

WebAR has little freedom as it does not have access to all the device parts, while app-based AR has access to all the details. So here, AR is effective but simple.


How WebAR can be implemented in Marketing:

App AR has been used widely by using filters. Companies like Snapchat, and Instagram, where many filters like Baby Filter or Bearded Man have been a trend. Even Pokemon GO and IKEA. AR apps lack only one thing, which is autonomy. So WebAR can use items to be top in the market and also change our AR experience in daily life.

WebAr can be used for searches, and Google is looking forward to using AR for web searches. For example, if you’re looking for a red jacket, you can upload a scribble drawing of what you want, and it will show all the possibilities of what the jacket would look like.


Future of WebAR:

For now, it might be difficult for them to be in trend as it has limitations; it can cross its limits when big fishes like Google and Apple step into the sea.

Apple is much better at developing AR, so it would be easier for them to create WebAR visuals and environments.

Overall, WebAR proves to be faster and quicker to experience AR technology which can impact us better. 

The Intellify promotes Interacting WebAR for your brands to target your audiences and make it a fantastic experience.

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