How can WebAR improve User Experience? Priya Menon October 17, 2022

How can WebAR improve User Experience?

WebAR gives a profound experience of Augmented Reality using Web Browsers.

As the population on the internet has increased, it’s pretty challenging to get your brand noticed. On the other hand, when you make engaging content with better interaction, it miraculously increases your brand’s engagement with audiences, and it adds 70-80% fluency in brand communication.

One can attract more popularity by creating interactive content on your website (that can be accessed via a QR code or hyperlink). Nothing is more engaging than Web-based Augmented Reality content, which delivers the same type of user experience as AR but with more ease, less device dependency, fun, and interaction.

Augmented Reality was a big topic long ago, but it never took off. 

When augmented reality first emerged, it was through apps that users had to download, and these apps essentially required individual logins. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat’s filtered photos and even Pokemon Go.


Application of WebAR:

WebAR helps to increase interest in the Brand by providing engaging content.

Here the applications can be innumerable, from promoting the brand and growing its awareness to amplifying learning and entertaining audiences, just accessed with one click to AR experience provided hyperlink or through accessible scanners.


Benefits of WebAR:

Every technology has always been compared, but we can clearly experience how Web-based AR is compared to app-based AR. Also, when we observe the conventional ways of marketing and advertising for consumer brands and their products, WebAR performs exceptionally and lifts the brand’s identity.

  1. WebAR lets the Businesses and Brands create a hyperlink or QR code and circulate it for further Promotions and Marketing activities. Here the user has no app-based dependency to experience AR.
  2. WebAR can be accessed by any Google and Apple Web Browsers easily on a SmartPhone or Desktop
  3. There are no requirements to install/download any AR enabled mobile or desktop applications.
  4. The links and Scanners can be easily circulated to the bigger crowd and accessed by the bigger targeted audience too. 

In conclusion, WebAR definitely helps to improve the user experience in different sectors with an ease of accessibility. A brand can gain much more engaging audiences when they opt for WebAR. The Intellify helps such brands promote their products in an exciting way and improves their user experience with the help of WebAR. 

The Intellify would be more than welcoming to share with you more insights on WebAR, and create a Solution for you that will help your Business and Brand to attract much more Traffic.

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