Banuba – One stop solution for AR Face Filters Priya Menon October 27, 2020

Banuba – One stop solution for AR Face Filters

October 01, 2020

Performance is the key element to develop a successful AR Face Filter. With the right, creative and engaging AR Face Filter, Brands make users get back to application, share it and help growing organically.

Banuba is your right platform (SDK) to provide you with an amazing content and support for AR Face Filter. With an agile team of marketers, hustlers, dreamers, tech wizards and trail blazers, Banuba offers an interactive, engaging and immersive feature like solutions of Makeup, Triggers, Try-Ons, Hair Colors, Video Effects, Game Filters, Morphing, Background, Frame, Beauty, Avatars and LUT.


  • Multi-face tracker
  • 3D Renderer
  • Filter Editor + Scripting
  • Beautifications
  • Sample filters and Documentations
  • SFX and Voice Changer
  • Support and Consultancy
  • Can add Banuba’s Face Filters SDK into an existing application or use its features to bring a new app to life
  • Banuba SDK provides with easy integration and supports HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Unity
  • Banuba with easy configurative features, runs on devices starting from iPhone 5s/Android 5.0 or higher with a 1280×720 camera (recommended) and minimum of 30 FPS
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