Experience Augmented Reality now on your own Mobile Web Browsers Priya Menon October 9, 2020

Experience Augmented Reality now on your own Mobile Web Browsers

October 09, 2020

8th Wall SDK lately decided to extend their reach from only mobile app marketplace to the web. 8th Wall’s Augmented Reality technology can now successfully run on any mobile web browsers and the SDK creators feel immensive proud about this extended creation in the world of Augmented Reality. To understand, 8th Wall is an SDK that helps developers to create easy-to-use APIs for Augmented Reality effects like lighting, surfaces, textures, image detection, world points, hit tests and 6DoF tracking.

Previously where users had to mandatorily install mobile AR applications to experience AR (Augmented Reality) through their mobile devices, now with 8th Wall, users can easily experience immersive AR on any existing web browsers of their mobile. If you got a smartphone with good camera and a web browser, AR experience is no far from your reach.

With 8th Wall Web, now brands for the very first time might offer an immersive and seamless AR experience of their products with an engaging and interactive feature very similar to the experience one used to get on their mobile AR application. Industries like Ecommerce, Education, Media & Entertainment, Gaming studios and Advertisement will now be able to reach a massive fleet of people within their existing mobile web browsers. Here the Brands will require to configure their already built sites with 8th Wall API, and you are ready to go.

The Intellify, is happily participating in the race of letting brands create their AR presence through Web Browsers making their customers accessible to experience AR just with their mobile web browsers. https://bit.ly/2Y1OtWt and https://bit.ly/3bzZIcX are the two of examples that might enlighten you, on how 8th Wall Web has helped developers and creators of our AR/VR/MR developing organisation in making their collaborated brands business more engaging and easily accessible for their customers and users.

Features, that 8th Wall web allows brand to use for their engagements –


  • World Tracking
  • Face Effects
  • Image Targets
  • Modular Frameworks


These above mentioned features allow creators to have clarity on Lighting estimations and instant surface detections. Also helps creating high quality face filters that utilize the full power which can be operated from anywhere. 8th Wall feature enables to upload and manage flat, cylindrical and conical shaped images to get tracked directly as target.

Create, Collaborate and Publish are the three simple process to configure your websites with 8th Wall to give your customers a lifetime engaging, easy-to-use and interactive immersive AR experience. You want to create WebAR for your brand site, The Intellify is ready to create one for you.

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