Facebook AR Filter Priya Menon August 8, 2020

Facebook AR Filter

18 Aug 2020

Facebook arrived in the AR game popularly known as Camera Effects. Which later got renamed Spark AR and got expanded thereafter. As official Spark AR partners, Facebook is building immersive, interactive and highly engaging Facebook AR experience.

Facebook AR Filters are more inclined for the commercial benefits to spread the brand awareness. Brands like Flipkart, Samsung, Subway, Cadbury, Discovery, etc. actively endorse and promote their products and channels using Facebook AR Filter. They give their users a chance to interact with their products and services in an entertaining way, by making a digital presence using AR Filters on this Social Media platforms.

To take self-expression to a whole new level in Facebook camera effects, Spark AR helps with responsive and interactive AR experiences that go beyond face masks and filters. Facebook AR Filters now,


  • Creates head turning experience by using best tools to produce more accurate interactions and realistic effects
  • Overlays your hand and body movements, and use touch gestures that let users manipulate and interact with what they see


The Intellify with expertise over Spark AR Studio, have created more than 30 Facebook AR Filters. Understanding the effect idea of clients, making a scene/background out of it, adding virtual objects and surroundings and transporting the user to new environment altogether, is how we as an organisation process this digital experience. Filters like Independence Day Filter, Christmas Santa Filter, Tic Tac Toe Game Filter, etc. managed to engage the users in an interactive way.

Facebook AR Filters works on three metrics Impressions, Captures and Shares. This allows all brands for their promotional journey by letting their customers try-on different filters on Facebook. Also fun, casual interactions are accessed. Facebook AR Filter is a Mobile only experience. This boosts brands to expand their digital creative skills.

How can user share filters in Facebook?


  • Create Post
  • Create a Story. Share in Groups
  • Send in Messenger to Friends
  • Save to Camera roll or Device


Facebook AR Filters come with a bonus ability to add doodle or text on your filter before it is shared or posted.

What are we waiting for now? Let’s get engage ourselves with our favourite Brands with trying on the effects of their Filters which are fun and interactive.

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