How AR Filters organically increases Brands engagement Priya Menon December 27, 2020

How AR Filters organically increases Brands engagement

Augmented Reality is believed to be more engaging than videos and also videos are really huge in size and storage. Customers here with AR Filters (Augmented Reality Filters) can ‘try before they buy’. 80-90% of users follow more than one brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. 60-70% of users regularly discover new products on Instagram and Facebook shared stories.

The Intellify has created 40+ AR Filters in different genres like face filters, game filters, festive filters, try-on’s and many more. Intellify believe and based on fact, experience and statistics, the creation and development of AR Filters are cheaper than you think. Also faster to create than one believe. Instagram and Facebook stories are used by more than 50 million people daily and its believed that AR filters work great in stories and reels.

AR filters can do more than any regular promotional and advertising events. AR Filters has a lot more to offer to brands as well as to users –


  • With front and back camera effects, you can let your user experience the product on themselves as well as on their preferred environment
  • Adds music and SFX, which lets your user have a fun and engaging experience while trying out your products and solutions
  • Adds images and videos from your user’s device to the effect that enhances user interactions with the effects applied and tried on (opening mouth, head shakes, head nods, smiles, blinks and more…)

Ways Brands can utilize AR Filters to promote and advertise their products and solutions in the market on social media platforms –


  • Make-up filters
  • Festival based filters
  • Gamified AR filters
  • Brand-based photo frame fillers
  • Fashion and lifestyle brands
  • Virtual try-ons
  • Social messaging on video streaming applications


To share a few of the AR Filters that Intellify created and were a great success and were viral on social media were and

Intellify shall wait to convert your ideas into reality to improve your customer engagement with the help of AR Filters for your brand products, services and solutions.

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