How can AR Filters help Brands in Marketing? Priya Menon October 5, 2020

How can AR Filters help Brands in Marketing?

October 05, 2020

If you are the one who has lately used Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat filters, then you are already into the AR Filter era. These AR Filters are not just for fun sake but also plays a vital role in the marketing, advertising and in promoting the brands products and services in a unique engaging and interactive way.

Well many brands struggle up and feel challenging to come up with some unique and creative ideas to place their brand experience on AR Filters for their customers, here The Intellify is at your rescue to help with our creative heads efforts collaborating with your excellent product launch strategies and timelines.

Are people aware of the filters they use? What is AR Filter?


AR Filters enhances what your camera sees with a computer generated graphics or sounds. People use them just for fun. But does the story and motive of AR Filter ends there? No.

There are AR Filters used as a primary marketing tool in this new Digital Era, How? Let’s see –


  1. It’s a new way to showcase a new beauty product, fashion accessories and appliances by telling people ‘try it’ how these products look on them and how it suits in their environment – Increases Brands and their Products awareness
  2. With trying out the AR Filters, people get an option to share and tag the same with their friends and families then and there itself, this enhances the brand engagement – Increases Engagement
  3. People using and trying out AR Filters created by and for brands to market their products, gets a clear and trusted visibility on how the product shall look on them in their preferred environment just with a one-click of app cameras – helps brands to stand out

How brands categorise AR Filters to market their products, services and events?


Brands do come up with their own choice of marketing strategies, and we all know how important is to advertise and market a product or services or events a brand/organisation come up with. So here are few ways how brands can market with the help of AR Filter, or also we can frame it, How AR Filter is helping brands in marketing?


  • Character Specifications
  • Games & Plays
  • Virtual objects
  • ‘Try-on’ products


Keen to market your products, services and events through AR Filters?

The Intellify, is happy to put forward creative hands and collaborate with you.

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