Immersive Extended Reality experience in Web Browsers Priya Menon January 10, 2021

Immersive Extended Reality experience in Web Browsers

WebXR was an experimental application interface then, that enabled various applications to interact and engage Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and other AR applications in Web Browsers. But now, WebXR is widely used and experienced in many different verticals and genres of industries like healthcare, retail, architecture, design, travel and real estate.

We all are aware about what is AR and VR but are we sure we know what is WebXR! XR is an Extended Reality, that allows anything in the variations of the immersive experience and reality. Here ‘X’ stands for ‘extended immersive experience’ and ‘R’ stands for ‘Reality’.

Benefits of implementing extended reality (XR) on Web Browsers –


  • Deployment to every extended reality platform with a WebXR enabled web browser
  • A user can choose any experience targeting both AR and VR handheld and head-mounted devices with a single touch
  • Minimal code changes needed to support VR and AR together
  • No applications stores or large downloads required to experience WebXR
  • Users can get immediate access to your product and service experience without any need of leaving the website


The Intellifians have been exploring, learning and creating WebXR with a detailed eye on its all new developments and technicalities. Intellify has successfully created a few number of WebXR experiences. Amongst, is one of the projects they are highly engaged with. This link will give you an idea on how WebXR is experienced.
The immersive web is a new extended version of the digital world that incorporates advanced technologies to enhance user engagement and blur the line between the users physical reality and the digital accessibility.

Gaming is one of the well-known first widely used WebXR applications. But with the emerging digital spaces, industries like healthcare and real estates have too started to give their customers the WebXR experience.

Let us connect and see to it how your business can be seen and experienced in WebXR mode. Intellifians will be happy to ideate and create your visions into reality with all Extended Reality expertise.

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