One Powerful SDK to add 3D Face Masks, Filters and Lenses Priya Menon October 25, 2020

One Powerful SDK to add 3D Face Masks, Filters and Lenses

October 25, 2020

A robust and highly scalable SDK powering social networking and media apps like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat in the market around the world, is none other than DeepAR. DeepAR SDK commits to deliver what you want. Along with special DeepAR studio for content editing, they also present DeepAR SDK.

DeepAR SDK comes up with 4 effect types – rigid objects, deformable masks, morph masks and post processing effects. With an access to these effect types, this implies that creators and developers can utilize DeepAR SDK for high quality face lenses very similar to Snapchat, Facebook and other social media platforms performing filter effects.

Features DeepAR SDK offers –


  • Hyper realistic face filters, lenses and masks
  • Mobile optimized special FX
  • 3D Models + Objects
  • Real Time Drawings + Painting Masks
  • Real Time Videos + Photo Filters
  • Combines Masks, Lenses, Special FX and Filters all at the same time


With a team of engineers, researchers, 3D designers and animators working on DeepAR SDK, they commit on delivering amazing creative technological solutions. The Intellify, is closely working with DeepAR SDK for various AR projects.

How DeepAR helps in creating and supporting masks, lenses, effects and filters?


  • DeepAR Real-time Face Detection
  • DeepAR Real-time Face Tracking
  • DeepAR Rendering Engine
  • DeepAR Studio
  • Multiple Face Detection
  • Real-time Emotion Detection


DeepAR now provides precise image rendering which is optimized for mobile and web apps. Feel free to connect with us at any hour round the clock to discuss and hire our creative creators to bring your idea into reality with AR (Augmented Reality).

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