Shopify Store and Augmented Reality – Magic happens here Shravan Rajpurohit September 20, 2020

Shopify Store and Augmented Reality – Magic happens here

September 20, 2020

As it’s known, Shopify is an inclusive online selling platform. One can create and develop an online store that users can use to promote, sell and ship their products. It is an easy-to-use interface and comparatively provides low start-up cost. It is a very popular platform among brands and company indulged into Online Shopping businesses (Ecommerce).

Shopify has certain features, which makes it more easy-to-use and lets user take no stress while creating their commerce sites –


  • Shopify provides customizable websites, online stores and blogs
  • It gives an unlimited accessibility of bandwidth, product inventory and customer data
  • Shopify supports all payment gateways
  • It provides 24/7 customer support


Shopify AR (Augmented Reality) is a solution that lets user experience platform with an added advantage of Augmented Reality, providing real-time augmented interactivity and engagement with products. Shopify AR only lets customers with Safari browsers having iOS devices to get a closer engagement with the products, shoppers planning to buy. An interaction that Shopify AR will allow between shoppers and products with a 360° display of how will the product look in real, will make shoppers feel confident about the products before they buy it.

Sharing a work that we i.e; The Intellify, have pulled up efficiently will be a good way to make the understanding flawless on how the Augmented Reality solution performs while synced and integrated on Shopify Ecommerce Online Stores. is the link you can get your hands on and explore the magic.

How Shopify AR will be helping shoppers?


  • Shoppers will be able to get a real idea with sense of size, scale and details about their choice of product
  • Shopify AR allows this merger of new technology to display realistic, engaging and interactive versions of users products


Web powered augmented reality, represents a stimulating rise towards making AR experience readily available to the everyday shoppers through mobile browsers without any need of mobile applications to get installed in the device.

An accessible tool kit for businesses is provided by Shopify AR to create one’s own AR experience. Also Shopify AR includes services marketplace of 3D Modeling partners, 3D Warehouse app to store the models.

As capabilities of AR shopping continues to unfold, The Intellify is actively looking upto in making more of accessible and valuable solutions and experiences to our merchants and their customers.

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