WebAR – For Your Ecommerce Business Priya Menon August 30, 2020

WebAR – For Your Ecommerce Business

August 30, 2020

WebAR in simple words, refers to Web Based Augmented Reality, which allows you to experience AR (Augmented Reality) via your smartphone browser without any need of downloading an AR application.

What you need for WebAR as a user?

Here the user won’t need any application to download in the device. They just have to open the custom URL provided for the specific website. A custom URL that opens in an iOS and Android device browsers, asks for camera permission and you allowing the same, the integration delivers AR content in the live environment of the user.

WebAR is generally a Plug and Play solution for your Ecommerce sites. WordPress, Shopify, Woo-commerce, Magento and other custom technologies are easily configured with WebAR solution. Here, any brands having their own sites made on above technologies, can easily get configured with WebAR and allow their user to have more simpler and easy accessible platform for their shopping experience.

Ecommerce sites with making most of WebAR

The Intellify, has well established its expertise with WebAR into Ecommerce business. https://youtu.be/aLHWYQq7PhE is the link you can follow and get to know a basic idea on how your WebAR platform would look like if configured with Ecommerce.

With the help of ARKit and ARCore SDK, WebAR is integrated into Ecommerce sites. Here the brands need to have their own developed Ecommerce sites, which later AR developers can get access to and transform it into a successful WebAR platform. This WebAR solution is a Web Enabled Augmented Reality solution, which helps user with an easy access to their shopping habit.

For instance, during this pandemic situation users are not ready to visit the physical showroom and try out products and shop. Here brands might come up with WebAR as a blessing for customers, where they being at their own home or safe place can browse n-number of products, try it on and shop it. This all will be experienced at just one URL sharing.


  • Users will be accessed with a feature, which will allow them to view and spin the products in 360°
  • Users can try the products out anywhere, anytime. Where no addition mobile application has to be downloaded. Just one browser click and you are ready to go.
  • Brands will experience Increase in conversion with Virtual showroom. This might also help more customer engagement with interactive experience.


If one has Safari browser that supports iOS and Google Chrome that supports Android, you are ready to go and experience WebAR. A brilliant interactive and smart WebAR solution for Ecommerce is waiting for you.

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